iPrimio Litter Scoop Review: We Tried a Nonstick Litter Scoop

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iPrimio Litter Scoop



10.0 /10


8.5 /10


9.9 /10

Non-stick finish

6.0 /10


  • Extremely sturdy and well-built
  • Sifts litter quickly
  • Catches smaller clumps
  • Sharp edge cleans out corners


  • Sometimes litter sticks to scoop
  • A little heavy

iPrimio Litter Scoop Review

If you search for the best cat litter scoop on Google, it’s hard to miss the iPrimio litter sifter scoop. It consistently makes it to the top of “best of” lists and Amazon search results. It has great ratings—96% of reviewers on Chewy.com would recommend the litter scoop to a friend. On Amazon, the scoop has over 1,300 reviews with an average 4.8 stars.

Here’s what Chewy reviewers are saying about this litter scoop:


The King of scoopers

How did I live without this??

absolutely the best scoop ever

the only scoop that can cope with loose poop 

If this litter scoop can bring people to rhyme, it must be good, right??

Sure, there are a few of these folks, too:

Not as great as advertised

It is not nonstick!

Heavy for the old & weak

But negative reviews only make up 4% of the 504 reviews on Chewy.

The iPrimio litter scoop’s popularity and prominence on product roundups and buyer’s guides have made it a household name—at least in our household. Maybe this isn’t universal and only applies to people who spend most of their time researching cats and cat products…

At any rate, we gladly accepted when iPrimio reached out to us and asked us to review some of their products.

Let’s find out what sets the iPrimio litter scoop apart from other cat litter scoops, and how we would rate this scoop based on our personal experience—not just reading customer reviews.

iPrimio Litter Scoop Review

Disclosure: “Wildernesscat received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Although the product was gratis, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”

What comes in the box?

First, let’s take a closer look at the iPrimio litter scoop’s specs.

  • The iPrimio litter scoop is 13.2 inches long from scraping edge to the end of the handle.
  • The handle is 7.5 inches long, with a 5 inch covered rubber portion.
  • The shovel part of the litter scoop is 5 inches wide.
  • The scoop is deep at 1.8 inches and can hold large clumps of your cat’s waste.
  • It weighs 8.8 ounces.
  • The scoop is cast aluminum and features a nonstick finish.

The iPrimio litter scoop also comes with a 3M tape backed scoop holder which can be attached to your wall or the side of your litter box. Note that this would be the side of a covered litter box, not a traditional open pan litter box.

I didn’t have a good place to stick it to my wall, but I still love that iPrimio scoops come with a holder. It can be gross to leave the litter scoop on the floor, and the holder is a sleek way to solve that problem. However, some reviewers complained that the adhesive doesn’t hold well.

iPrimio litter scoop hanger
Now imagine this hanging on your wall or litter box… minus the hand.

The scoop also features a hole near the top of the handle, so if you have a place to hang up your litter scoops, that’s still an option.

Durability: can this scoop handle tough clumps?

The iPrimio litter scoop is extremely well-built. I used cheesy plastic scoops for years. You know the ones—as soon as you start futilely working away at that clump stuck in the corner, you feel like they’re going to snap in half. Sometimes they do. The iPrimio litter scoop is not one of those cheesy scoops.

Instead, it feels like a high-quality piece of scooping equipment. The scoop is cast aluminum and set into a solid-core plastic handle. The outer handle grip features an ergonomic design for comfort, is waterproof, and easy to clean.

If you’re used to feeling your litter scoop bend like a sail in the wind, you’re in for a treat with this aluminum scoop.

iPrimio litter scoop up close.

Comfort: how comfortable is it to scoop with?

I barely think about how comfortable I am while scooping the litter box, but litter scoop comfort seems to be an important talking point for a lot of reviewers. I’ll do my best to describe the experience. The handle fits well in my hand. The grip is comfortable and the ridges make it easy to hang onto. I found myself holding the litter scoop just below the handle, right where the aluminum starts, so the handle is slightly longer than what I prefer. This is a personal preference, though—quite a few reviewers mention that the handle was a little shorter than they would like!

The iPrimio litter scoop is easy to scoop with and I like the angle at which the handle is attached to the shovel.

iPrimio litter scoop in litter box.
Keep in mind that this litter box is huge: 23.5″ long x 15.5″ wide.

Function: how well did the iPrimio litter scoop do its job?

I tried the iPrimio litter scoop with two different types of litter and two types of litter boxes.

Tidy Cats Multiple Cats Clay Clumping Litter was in a plastic box, and Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Litter was in a stainless steel litter box. 

I was really impressed by the way the iPrimio scoop worked with the Tidy Cats litter. The spacing of the sifting tines was perfect and the small litter granules slipped right through the slats. Instant sifting without any shaking. It caught small clumps, too. The edge of the scoop is a little bit sharp (in a good way) and I was able to scrape the bottom of the box and get into tight corners with no problem.

iPrimio litter scoop in Tidy Cats cat litter.
Ew. This litter box is gross. But look at that sifting!

The scoop wasn’t quite as impressive in the Dr. Elsey’s litter. Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat litter is made up of larger, heavier granules than Tidy Cats and didn’t sift as quickly. To my disappointment, I had to shake the scoop a bit to encourage everything to sift through.

While scooping the Dr. Elsey’s litter, I also noticed how heavy the scoop felt. In the heavier litter, big urine clumps combined with the weight of the sturdy scoop and my arm got a little tired. For me, this isn’t really an issue. I’d rather have a tough scoop than a light one. I understand that a heavy scoop isn’t an option for some people, though—I’ll recommend a lighter scoop for you in the next section.

iprimio litter scoop in Dr. Elsey's cat litter
A little shaking and we’re good.

One draw of the iPrimio litter scoop is that it’s supposed to be nonstick. While I didn’t test the scoop with every type of litter, I can tell you that wet clay litter does stick to the scoop. I was able to shake off the clumps pretty easily (maybe a little more easily than with other scoops), but if you’re looking for a 100% stick-free experience, you aren’t going to find it with the iPrimio litter scoop. If you’re really passionate about a clean scoop, iPrimio suggests spraying a little cooking oil onto the scoop if you want enhanced nonstick functionality. I haven’t personally tried this, though.

Our conclusion.

The iPrimio litter scoop is a high-quality, sturdy scoop. If you currently use a cheap plastic scoop but would prefer something less likely to break, this may be a great choice.

The scoop gets into tight corners and works well to get stuck litter off of the bottom of the box. The shovel is deep and sifts quickly, so scooping out the litter box becomes a quick and easy process.

If you’re really looking for a nonstick litter scoop, don’t think you’ve found a complete solution. I’m not sure that what you’re looking for exists, but litter does stick to this scoop. The scoop is easy to clean, though.

My only real complaint with the scoop is that it does get a little heavy, especially when you’re scooping a heavy litter like Dr. Elsey’s. As one reviewer put it, the scoop is “Heavy for the old & weak”. If you’re looking for a sturdy scoop but need something lighter, there are options for you (as promised). Take a look at our review of a high-quality, lightweight plastic scoop: Messy Cats Litter Scoop Review.

Where can I buy an iPrimio litter scoop?

If you make your purchase of an iPrimio litter scoop through our links, Wildernesscat will receive a percentage of the sale. It doesn’t cost any extra but helps us to continue sharing the radical cat parenting message. Thank you for your support!

The iPrimio litter scoop retails for approximately $12.95 and is available online from Chewy and Amazon. You can purchase the litter scoop through the iPrimio website as well, but I don’t recommend this option unless you want to pay $10.00 for standard shipping.