How to Take a Selfie With Your Cat: 12 Tips for a Purrfect Selfie

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How to Take a Selfie With Your Cat

We’re usually behind the camera taking pictures of our cats (and there can never be too many), but sometimes you want to show that you were there, too! Taking a selfie with your cat might prove to be a little more challenging than grabbing your cat and turning the camera on yourself. Sure, that will get you a picture, but will it get you a good picture? Here are our 12 tips to help you on your quest for the purrfect Instagram cat selfie shot.

Embrace the fact that your cat will always be the center of attention.

Face it. You’re never going to be as adorable as your cat. So embrace it and make your cat the focus of the picture. Unless we’re talking about an awesome cat photo-bomb, it’s a good idea to have your cat in the foreground while you take up the back. 

Catch your cat’s eye.

If every selfie is ruined by your cat’s disinterest, try taping a treat or favorite toy to the camera or phone to attract their attention. 

Or just act natural.

If you simply can’t get your cat to look at the camera, try looking in the same direction as they are! Instead of attempting to force your cat to look in your preferred direction, follow their lead and work with them. Sometimes our cats come up with the best photo ideas.

Make your snapshot session snappy.

A drawn-out photo shoot isn’t the average cat’s idea of a good time. Don’t waste time waiting for perfection, and snap quickly! Try using a burst setting on your camera so you get a lot of pictures and hopefully capture one you love. 

Use natural light.

Flashes can scare cats, and flash photos rarely come out well. You don’t want your cat’s eyes to look like glowing saucers, do you? Try choosing a time when you still have a lot of light, but it’s not too harsh. Soft morning or evening light is extremely flattering for both cats and people. 

Take advantage of the moment.

If your cat is sitting still and relaxing, get in there and take a photo! The best time for a photo shoot is when your cat is relaxed and actually wants to hang out with you. It’s much easier to pop in next to your cat and get a clear selfie than trying to get them to pose the way you want them to.

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Get down to your cat’s eye level.

While there is potential for creative photos taken at quirky angles (cat held above your head while you take the picture with a selfie stick? Ideas anyone?), your best bet is to share the same head space as your cat.

Use a selfie stick.

Try using a selfie stick. Unfortunately, there are times when our arms are just too short to get the angles we want. A selfie stick introduces a plethora of new photo-ops. Think of all the awesome cat group selfies you can get! 

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Don’t be afraid to set a timer.

Set the timer, prop the camera up against a log, and pose on that mossy stump with your cat on your lap. Your camera’s self-timer is a great choice when you don’t have a photography buddy to take a picture of you and want the photo to have a sense of space. If you’re having trouble finding a place to set your camera, here’s a tip—try using a flexible tripod. I really love this tripod from Fotopro. It works with most phones and has made it super easy to get a stable shot anywhere. (The link goes out to Amazon. If you make a purchase through our link, we’ll get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!)

You’re more than a pretty face.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but a great selfie doesn’t necessarily have your face in it. Take advantage of the moment and snap a shot of your cat lounging on your legs on the beach, on the trail next to your hiking boots, or draped across your arm in bed.

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Your cat is adorable, but don’t forget about the scenery!

Sure, you and your cat look awesome together. But don’t forget that the background of your photo matters, too! It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a selfie in your bedroom or at the peak of your cat’s first 14er. A clean, uncluttered background makes a picture 10x better. 


Coordinate with your cat by wearing matching sweaters, scarves, or collars. 

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Reward your kitty for their good work.

Reward your cat! Always reward your cat after a selfie session. They worked hard to get you those glamour shots, and it’s likely that Instagram likes aren’t really the payment your cat is interested in… The added bonus is your cat will start looking forward to your photoshoots if you make it enough of a positive experience!

What tricks do you use to get the purrfect selfie?

Please share your tricks and methods with us in the comments! If you’d like to share your cat selfie with us on Instagram, share it to or hashtag your photo #madeforthemeowntains.