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We're currently helping to lead the #AdventureCatRevolution by sharing product reviews, helping to shine more light on radically natural feline nutrition, and sharing lifestyle inspurration for adventurous cats.

Like you, we believe that cats should have more fun, more freedom, more health, and more happiness. 


 We're all about freedom, fun, health, and happiness for cats.

Freedom - cats naturally want to explore the outdoors. For years, we've kept them inside because, frankly, it was way too dangerous to let our cats go outside unattended. We believe in a different type of freedom - one that brings cats and humans closer. We believe that life is more fun when you explore the world with your cat by your side.

Fun - that's what happens when you're exploring the aquarium shop or camping with your cat.

Health - we're done with the scam of dry food. We believe that cats thrive on a radically natural raw diet, and we don't think that the average person is too dumb to prepare food for their own cat. 

Happiness - and that's what happens when you put it all together. 

By sharing reviews of new and interesting products in the cat world, having candid conversations about how nutrition can affect your cat's health, and attempting to inspire the next generation of #adventurecat revolutionaries, we hope to make the world a better place for both cats and people.


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Mallory Crusta 

Chief content officer


Eileen Crusta, cat behavior expert and web developer

Eileen Crusta

Cat behavior expert and web developer


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