Do you have an adventurous cat and want to fuel the adventure with natural food, supplements, and care?


Wildernesscat offers simple, honest knowledge about natural cat care and products that work so that you can spend less time researching natural cat care and more time having fun with your cat. As concerned cat guardians, we've done a lot of research to discover the right ways to care for our cats. After years of studying cat health, we are now able to share that knowledge with you so that caring for your cat is simple.


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Freedom. Fun. Health. Happiness.


When you feed your cat high-quality foods and use natural care products to keep them happy and healthy, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of your cat.

Not only will your friendship deepen, their quality of life will likely shoot through the roof.

No more urinary issues from dehydration. A healthier coat through proper nutrition. No more cat litter-related respiratory problems. The disappearance of seemingly chronic health conditions. All of these changes have happened for cats who get off of the mainstream cat care products and switch to the natural stuff.

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Mallory Crusta 

Chief content officer

Eileen Crusta, cat behavior expert and web developer

Eileen Crusta

Cat behavior expert and web developer


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