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Hey there! We’re glad you found us. 

We’re Mallory and Eileen, and we created Wildernesscat hand-in-paw with Wessie and Forest, our product testers and general managers. 

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Mallory Crusta

Chief content officer

Eileen Crusta, cat behavior expert and web developer

Eileen Crusta

Cat behavior expert and web developer

Wildernesscat is all about freedom, fun, health, and happiness for cats.

Our journey started in 2010 when Wessie developed idiopathic cystitis—like hundreds of other cats, he was suddenly unable to urinate. At the time, we didn’t know that dry food could cause chronic dehydration and had no idea that the kibble we fed him could have contributed to the urinary tract disease. 

Finding out about the problems with dry cat food was our first aha moment. That was followed by research into biologically-appropriate raw diets, revelations about the flaws in the pet food industry, and a greater interest in giving our cats holistically healthy and fun lives.

When we first dipped into this internet cat world, all of the information on cat health was either insanely dense and overwhelming or superficial—think PetMD. No one was putting out the facts in a straightforward, fluff-free, fun-to-read format. 

We created Wildernesscat to help other cat guardians learn the facts about feline health and nutrition in a way that’s both practical and trustworthy. 

By sharing unbiased, thorough product reviews, having candid conversations about how nutrition can affect your cat's health, and inspiring the next generation of #adventurecat revolutionaries, we hope to make the world a better place for both cats and people. 

We hope you find Wildernesscat a valuable resource on your journey! 

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