Messy Cats Litter Scoop Review: We Tried Messy Mutts’ First Litter Scoop

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Messy Cats Litter Scoop



10.0 /10


9.5 /10


8.0 /10


  • Made with sturdy materials
  • Comfortable grip
  • Long handle allows distance from the box
  • Attractive design


  • Doesn't always get messes stuck in corners
  • Only has one color option

New to the litter box: the Messy Cats Litter Scoop.

For the past week, we’ve had the opportunity to try out the Messy Cats Litter Scoop, which was introduced to cat lovers in mid-2017. Messy Cats claims that the scoop will “Clean up after your cat, in even the toughest of corners.” We had to find out if it lived up to these claims on the job.

Messy Cats is an offshoot of the primarily dog-focused pet gear brand, Messy Mutts™.

Chris and Lauren, company founders, were inspired to create Messy Mutts™ by their dogs, Daisy and Davis. Like most dogs, they loved running around outside and getting as dirty as possible – mud puddles and muck, here we come! Like most dog guardians though, Chris and Lauren weren’t happy about the fact that they tracked that mud right back inside the house.

Chris has a background in houseware design, so dove right into the creation of a line of chic and functional dog care products. Messy Mutts™ burst into existence, providing a range of products from grooming gloves and bath sponges to soft beds and colorful bowls. Their new Messy Cats line currently offers litter box supplies and bowls. Cat beds are coming soon.

Messy Cats Litter Scoop in litter box

Messy Cats Litter Scoop Review

Disclosure: “Wildernesscat received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Although the product was gratis, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.“

The Messy Cats litter scoop is perfect for big jobs.

The large scoop size is what initially drew me to the Messy Cats scoop. When you have a multi-cat home the litter box can get dirty quickly, and it’s nice to have a scoop that can handle the mess. The scoop’s size and shape proved effective, and I was able to filter through the entire box quickly. Plus I didn’t have to worry about larger clumps falling out of the scoop due to the deep shovel shape.

I know some people hate heavy scoopfuls due to back issues, etc. If you have trouble lifting out heavier scoops and would prefer smaller loads, the Messy Cats litter scoop probably isn’t the scoop for you.

Messy Cats Litter Scoop

The long handle allows you to keep your distance.

I was incredulous about the long handle of the Messy Cats litter scoop. I imagined prying up clumps from the end of a long length of flimsy plastic, with the added leverage being just enough to break it in two. Obviously, I was influenced by the flimsy feel of my cheapo grocery store scoop! The makers of Messy Cats products seem to know what they’re doing and I lost my fears after feeling how sturdy the scoop is. Now I might just be a slob, but there have been occasions on which my hands end up dirty while scooping the litter box. I believe the long handle length of this scoop might be a good solution to those kinds of accidents. It allowed me to keep my distance from the icky stuff without sacrificing function or ease of scooping.

The long handle length also makes it easier to get into a comfortable position while scooping, eliminating the strain caused by uncomfortably crouching next to the box. You can even pull up a chair next to the litter box and scoop from there!

Messy Cats Litter Scoop vertical

The Messy Cats litter scoop is well built from plastic.

The scoop is made out of a sturdy plastic and features a soft handle. While scooping, I didn’t feel like the scoop was going to break. I’ve run through a couple of those cheap and flimsy plastic scoops, they’re just not made for tough jobs. The scraping edge did a good job with wet clay, and it cleaned out the corners of the box well. Are the corners of our cats’ litter boxes the “toughest of corners”?

The rubber hand grip was comfortable, and it wasn’t awkward to use. There’s also a hole in the top of the handle if you want to hang it up.

The slots are relatively large, so the litter filters quickly through the scoop. While the speed is nice, if you have a crumbly clumping litter the finer crumbs will also make it through the slots, leaving your litter box less than pristine. 

Messy Cats Litter Scoop Sifting

The Messy Cats litter scoop only comes in purple.

While it’s not a huge issue, I wish the Messy Cats scoop had a larger color selection. At present Messy Cats’ only option is the purple handle, which looks fine, but just think how nice turquoise would look! It’s important to a lot of us that our cat’s toilet blends in with our home decor, and it’s nice to have options so that the scoop can fit in, too.

Messy Cats Litter Scoop handle detail

Where can I buy the Messy Cats litter scoop?

The Messy Cats litter scoop is available from the Messy Mutts website and

It retails on their website for $10.00 plus shipping. Click the image below to see what the price is on Amazon: