iPrimio Soft Foam Handle Litter Scoop Review: Is it Good for Sore Hands?

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iPrimio Soft Foam Handle Litter Scoop



10.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.5 /10

Nonstick Finish

5.0 /10


  • Sturdy and well built
  • Features a solid core handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Sifts through litter quickly
  • Comfortable foam handle


  • Sometimes litter sticks to scoop
  • Heavy if you do a lot of scooping

When I first adopted Wessie, I headed to Walmart and picked up the first cheap scoop I saw. But after a few years on litter box duty, I began to realize the value of high-quality tools. It’s not fun when the handle of your pink plastic scoop snaps while you’re trying to pry up cemented cat urine. It’s frustrating to watch the scoop flex under the weight of a hefty clod. At some point, every cat slave needs a high-quality litter scoop—the kind of scoop that you can’t buy at Walmart for three dollars. 

But which premium litter scoops are worth the money? In our experience and according to hundreds of happy customers, iPrimio products deliver a truly next-level scooping experience. A few months ago we reviewed iPrimio’s classic sifter scoop, one of the most popular and effective upgrade scoops you can buy. Today, we’re reviewing another litter scoop by iPrimio: the iPrimio Soft Foam Handle Litter ScoopThe design is very similar to the other iPrimio litter scoop, except it features a foam handle intended for a more comfortable scooping experience.

Let’s jump into the review and find out what we thought of the scoop in action.  We’ll talk about the scoop’s durability, performance, ergonomics, and more.

iPrimio Soft Foam Handle Litter Scoop Review

Disclosure: “Wildernesscat received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Although the product was gratis, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”

What’s inside the box?

The iPrimio litter scoop is made of sturdy-feeling aluminum and features a solid core handle so you don’t have to worry about the handle snapping off while scooping. I really like that the handle is solid. I’ve had a couple of flimsy plastic scoop handles snap in the middle of scooping out the litter box and it’s nice not to worry about that happening again.

The iPrimio litter scoop features a hefty shovel. The shovel part of the litter scoop is 5” wide and 2” deep. The shovel features a nonstick coating to keep litter sifting smoothly.

iPrimio cat litter scoop in cat litter

The litter scoop is 13” long from the tip of the handle to the end of the scoop. The length of the handle is just right if you like to keep a little distance from the litter as you scoop but don’t like the way super-long handled scoops feel. I prefer short-handled scoops and found myself choking up the handle a little bit in order to get to my preferred scooping angle.

The litter scoop also comes with a scoop holder backed with 3M tape, allowing you to hang it on your wall or any other convenient location. We didn’t have a good place to put it, but if the holder works for you, I think it would be great for keeping things organized. Some reviewers say that the tape doesn’t hold very well, though.

Does the iPrimio soft foam handle litter scoop really provide a more comfortable scooping experience?

No More Sore Hands. That’s the advertising pitch for the iPrimio soft foam handle litter scoop.

I’ve never had sore hands while scooping out the litter box, so it’s tough for me to compare this scoop to others from experience. Let’s take a look at the features which are supposed to make it more comfortable instead.

The foam handle is gently curved and can be held from any angle, allowing you to hold it in a way which you find comfortable. The foam is silky-smooth—almost velvety—and provides a squishy yet firm grip. I didn’t notice any pressure points on the handle that could be irritating. There is a raised ridge in the foam near the base of the handle so that you can get a firm grip.

The scoop features a large and chunky handle. If you suffer from arthritis and struggle with wrapping your fingers around smaller handles, the large rounded handle may give you a more comfortable grip.

iPrimio soft foam handle cat litter scoop for comfortable scooping

While it’s true that the litter scoop handle is super-smooth and is gentle on tender hands, we need to consider another aspect of scooping comfort. Weight. The iPrimio litter scoop is heavy. It weighs around 6 ounces. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s enough to tire you out if you’re doing a lot of scooping.

The weight doesn’t bother me personally, but if you have many cats and spend a lot of the time scooping out litter boxes, remember that this scoop is on the heavier side.

So does the scoop provide a more comfortable scooping experience?

My answer is yes, the soft foam handle is comfortable and could offer increased comfort for those with arthritis, but it’s also heavy and could potentially be a drag if you do a lot of scooping.

Can the scoop handle tough clumps?

I’ve already had a couple of cheap plastic scoops break while trying to tackle tough corner-pee-clumps. The $3 Walmart litter scoop was fine starting out. It did a good job for a while, but after it broke and I went through two other cheap plastic scoops, I wanted something stronger. Clumping clay litter can turn cement-like and the bending handle of my plastic scoops didn’t give me confidence.

The iPrimio litter is cast out of aluminum and feels durable when you’re scooping with it. The handle features a solid core so it shouldn’t snap off from the shovel. 

The edge of the litter scoop is slightly sharp. It’s not sharp enough to cut you unless you try really hard, but it’s good for scraping and makes it easy to get under urine clumps stuck to the bottom and sides of the box. The scoop is shaped so that it’s easy to get into corners and really clean them out, too.

Overall, the scoop feels strong and the deep shovel and narrow scraping edge scoop up big or stuck-on messes easily.

How well does the scoop do its job?

I tried the litter scoop with a couple of different types of litter—TidyCats Multiple Cats Clay Clumping Litter and Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Litter. It worked well with both!

The TidyCats litter has very small granules and Dr. Elsey’s is a medium-grained clay litter. The scoop worked with both litters pretty well. However, the sifting was super-impressive with the TidyCats litter. In contrast, I needed to shake the litter scoop to get all of the litter to go through when  I scooped out the Dr. Elsey’s. So yes, the type of cat litter you use will affect the function of the litter scoop. I’m not sure how well the iPrimio litter scoop would work with other types of cat litter, but I imagine it would work well with most fine-grained litters.

The narrow slats caught most smaller clumps, too, so we weren’t left with a crumb-filled litter box.

The litter scoop is also supposed to be nonstick. If you’re expecting a miracle scoop that doesn’t ever have any litter buildup, you’re going to be disappointed. I didn’t test every litter condition, but I can tell you for certain that bits of wet clay will stick to this litter scoop. It’s hard to tell if it sticks less than other litter scoops. The beauty of the nonstick coating comes in when you try to clean the litter scoop. It is easy to wipe down the scoop and remove litter residue.

If you want enhanced nonstick function, iPrimio recommends that you put a light coating of oil on the scoop—it would work the same way as spraying a cooking pan with PAM. I haven’t tried that tip personally, so let us know how it works if you do!

The scoop quickly sifts through fine-grained litter and catches most small clumps for an excellent clean. The nonstick coating doesn’t prevent litter sticking altogether but makes cleaning easier.

Our conclusion.

The iPrimio Soft Foam Handle Litter Scoop is a durable, well designed, solid-feeling litter scoop. It sifts through litter quickly and efficiently, is strong enough to use on tougher clumps, and is easy to clean.

Is it really a more comfortable litter scoop? Maybe. If a soft, smooth handle is more important to you than hand-fitting curves, then yes. The chunky foam handle may also be more comfortable for hands suffering from arthritis.

I believe the quality and durability of this litter scoop outshines the handle comfort, and it looks like a lot of Amazon reviewers do, too. Few mention their sore hands and instead focus on the strength of the scoop and its solid core handle—a feature that’s lacking in many scoops.

The worst thing about the litter scoop is its weight. At 6 ounces, this litter scoop is heavy compared to many scoops.

If weight is a problem for you and you’re looking for a lightweight yet durable scoop, read our review for the Messy Cats plastic litter scoop.

The iPrimio Soft Foam Handle Litter Scoop runs around $12.95, a price that can be surprisingly high if you’re used to the price of most flimsy grocery store scoops.

But is it worth the investment?

If you want a litter scoop that will last for a long time, works well, and features a deep shovel design to make scooping a fast and easy job, then I say yes.

Where can I buy the iPrimio Soft Foam Handle Litter Scoop?

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The iPrimio soft foam handle litter scoop can be tough to find online and appears to only be available from Amazon.com and a few eBay sellers for a higher price.

Click the image below to find out how much it costs on Amazon right now.

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