Socksery Custom Cat Face Socks Review: We Got Wessie-face Socks!

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When was your last “I had no idea I would ever want this, but I love it!” moment?

I had one of those moments recently when a representative of Socksery contacted us and asked if we would try out their custom cat face socks.  This company allows you to have a photo of your cat’s face printed on a pair of socks. The photo, the size, and the color are all up to you, making it a great customized experience.

Visions of Wessie’s face on a pair of socks danced in my head and I said we’d be delighted to give these socks a try.

How do you get your custom cat socks?

First, choose which size and color you need.

Socksery socks are available in three sizes—small, medium, and large.

  • The small size is equivalent to a men’s 5-6 and a women’s 4-8.
  • Medium is a men’s 7-11 and a women’s 9-11.
  • The large size is a men’s 12-13 and a women’s size 11 and up.

We chose the size medium.

After you’ve chosen the right size for you, select a color you love. Your options are purple, green, pink, red, yellow, orange, blue, and light blue. We chose the blue socks because not only were they the closest to Wildernesscat colors, but blue goes really well with Wessie. We think he looks particularly adorable next to light blue and pink things.

Choose a high-quality photo of your cat. 

It didn’t take me long to decide which picture I wanted to use. It was a clear, high-definition photo taken during one of Wessie’s cat harness modeling shoots a couple of years ago. He was looking straight at the camera and had a nice, dignified look on his face. Perfect for a pair of custom cat face socks, right?

Our picture was taken with a DSLR camera, but you can also use a photo that you took with your phone, provided that it’s relatively good quality.

You can choose to have up to three faces on each pair of socks, so multiple-kitty families can be represented on a single pair. Socksery tacks on six dollars for every extra face.

Sockersy cat socks order page

Place your order and wait.

After you place your order, the Socksery team goes to work making your custom cat socks. Our socks were shipped two days after we ordered and arrived four days later.

What were the socks like?

It was really, really cool to see Wessie’s face on the socks. There’s something novel about that.

In addition to little pictures of Wessie’s face, the socks are printed with fun fish skeletons and pawprints. That really sets these socks apart from generic custom socks, which aren’t specifically made for cat faces.  

As for the quality of socks, they were good. They were soft, relatively thin, and had a smooth, comfortable texture to the touch. They’re not the socks you’d want to wear hiking, but they’re comfortable, wearable socks for light use around the house or in casual shoes.

I think I ordered a size too large—I wear a women’s size 8 or 8.5 and our model wears a 7.5, so the size medium was probably a bit big.

Best custom cat socks socksery

Now for the important question….what did Wessie think of them?

Whenever we review any product here at Wildernesscat, the most important consideration is the one that’s sometimes the hardest to interpret. That consideration is our cats’ opinion of the product. Both Wessie and Forest usually give their opinion, but this time we left it up to Wessie. It’s his picture on there, so he’s got more of a vested interest in how these puppies…er…kitties…turned out.

Frankly, Wessie seemed pretty blah about them. He was happy to pose for a few pictures with the socks, but did he love them? I wouldn’t go that far.

Best Custom Cat Socks - Collage of Wessie and the Socks

Maybe he’d be more excited if they were stuffed with catnip or something fun like that, but for now, he didn’t seem particularly impressed. He also didn’t think it was weird that we put his face on socks, which was a big relief. Especially since the poop collection incident a couple of months ago, we’ve been really pushing it lately.

So all in all, these socks aren’t for cats. They’re for people.

Are Socksery custom cat socks a good choice?

Yes, yes, and yes. Especially as a gift. They make a delightful gift for that ever-so-slightly cat-crazy person who you just know want to see that little face peeping out from their pants every day. They’re particularly great for the person in your life who loves their cat but doesn’t identify as a cat person. They’re passionate about their own kitty, but they don’t necessarily want pictures of random cats on everything they own. If you know someone who’s been away from their cat at college or for work, this might be a great gift for them, too.

How do you get your own Socksery custom cat socks?

You can buy Socksery’s custom cat socks on their website. They’re currently on sale for $24.99 and if you use our coupon code, you’ll get 20% off, which brings the price per pair down to $20.

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