Christmas Gifts for Cats: 12 Gifts for Cats and Cat-Lovers in 2020

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Do you know what Santa Paws is getting the most important member of your family or friend’s family for Christmas? Not yet? Well, guess what, it’s time to get crackin’ and figure out what that special kitty or cat-loving friend is getting for Christmas! Here are 12 ideas for Christmas gifts for cats and cat guardians that are sure to please. Well… just in case Kitty’s not satisfied, remember to save the box and packing paper as a backup gift! 

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1. Trixie Gandia Cat Tree & Scratching Post: For the Super Stalker Cat

Trixie Gandia cat tree
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The Trixie Gandia cat tree is a great choice for the fun-loving stalker cat. It features a plush-covered rustling tunnel—the perfect place to hide out and wait for unsuspecting passersby! The Gandia tree also includes a hammock made for Kitty to relax, and if he likes vertical scratchers, he can take advantage of the sisal scratching supports. This cat hammock and scratching post combination tree is well-loved by customers, with 89% of reviewers on Chewy agreeing that they’d recommend it to a friend. Click here to view on

2. Ethical Pet Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Cat Bed: For the Under-Covers Snuggling Cat

Ethical pet sleep zone cuddle cave
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Does your cat love to snuggle under the covers with you? This snuggly cat cave is the perfect Christmas gift for cats who like to hide away underneath something soft and stay warm during the chilly Christmas season. Click here to view on

3. From The Field Deluxe Purrfect Gift Kit Cat Toy and Catnip: For the Greenie Cat

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From the Field products are made in the USA from eco-friendly materials. This gift kit includes two catnip-stuffed hemp mice, a bottle of toy-rejuvenating catnip spray, a cork ball, and a bag of potent From the Field catnip. This deluxe catnip gift set makes the purrfect stocking stuffer for your or your friend’s cat. Click here to view on

4. Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit: For the Curious Cat Guardian

Click here to view Basepaws cat DNA tests on

Who wouldn’t want to find out more about their cat’s ancestry? The Basepaws Cat DNA test is a novel gift that offers insights into Kitty’s genetics and which breeds may be in his past. If you opt for Basepaws’ more expensive Breed + Health report, in addition to learning which breeds and wildcats your cat is most closely related to, you’ll also gain access to information on how your cat’s genetics may be connected to certain health factors. This information is based on Basepaws research and data and is by no means a reliable method of assessing a cat’s propensity to different health conditions, but it’s interesting and can be fun to sift through.

We tried the Basepaws DNA test a little over a year ago and you can read our full review of the experience here: Basepaws Cat DNA Test: What Breed is Wessie?

Overall, a Basepaws DNA test kit is a fresh and modern gift that will interest most any cat person. Basepaws DNA tests start normally start at $99, but Basepaws is currently running an early Christmas sale through November 30th, so make sure you order early!

You can get 30% off the Basepaws Breed Groups DNA test kit with the coupon code PUR30 and 50% off the Breed + Health DNA kit with the code PURRRThis deal is only valid through November 30th!

5. Meowijuana Catnibas Meowy J’s Rolled Catnip: For the ‘Niphead Cat

Meowijuana Catnabis catnip joints
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These Meowijuana Catnabis joints are filled with potent organic catnip—sure to send your cat into a crazy catnip high. We’ve offered Meowijuana brand catnip to Wessie and Forest, and it’s powerful stuff! The joints also make an amazing gift for cat-loving human friends who would get a kick out of the shape. Click here to view on

6. Catit Flower Pet Fountain: For the Tap Water Sipping Cat

Catit Flower Pet fountain for cats
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This flower-themed drinking fountain by Catit is both adorable and an incredible gift for the cat who prefers running water from the faucet to that stagnant bowl stuff. The fountain features a triple-action filtration system to keep water fresh and has three different water flow settings. Click here to view on

7. The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Cat Bed: For the Tasteful Cat

Refine feline kitty ball bed furniture
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This hand-woven faux rattan cat bed is both a cozy place for your cat to curl up and a gorgeous piece of furniture. The faux rattan is made to withstand cats clawing at it. The bed comes with a plush cushion for your cat to relax on. Click here to view on

8. Yeowww! Catnip Yellow Banana Cat Toy: For the Bunny Kicking Cat

Yeowww! Banana catnip cat toy
Click here to view the Yeowww! Banana on

This chunky catnip-stuffed banana is a longtime favorite toy for cats. It’s filled with organic catnip and hand-sewn. The banana shape is perfect for cats to grab a hold of and bunny kick until the ‘nip comes out—which won’t be anytime soon since these bananas are made out of extra-durable cotton twill. Click here to view on

9. RC Pet Products Adventure Kitty Harness: For the Adventurous Cat

RC Pets adventure kitty harness
Click here to view the RC Pets Adventure Kitty harness on

Give your cat the gift of adventure this Christmas with this mesh harness designed for adventurous cats. The harness is lightweight and comfortable for most cats. The Adventure Kitty harness is best for cats with a few adventures under their collars. Its design is more focused on comfort than security, and cats new to walking outside may slip out of the harness. Click here to view on

10. HandsOn All-In-One Bathing and Grooming Gloves: For the Fluffy Cat

HandsOn Grooming gloves for cats
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You can step up your cat-petting game with HandsOn grooming gloves. We have a pair of HandsOn gloves, and both Wessie and Forest love them. If you want to hear more about our personal experience, you’ll find our full review of HandsOn gloves here. The grooming gloves make it easy to remove your cat’s excess hair and give an excellent massage. You can reduce hairballs and shedding just by petting your cat. Click here to view on

11. K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Kitty House: For the Outdoor Cat

K&H Outdoor heated kitty house chewy link
Click to view the K&H Kitty House on

Does your cat spend a lot of time outside? This nylon water-resistant kitty house comes with a heated bed and makes a comfortable place for your cat to hang out when he wants to get out of the winter elements but isn’t ready to come inside. You can also set up the house indoors as a warm and cozy getaway for your cat. Click to view on

12. Hexbug Nano Robotic Cat Toy: For the Techie Cat

Hexbug Nano Robotics cat toy
Click to view the Hexbug Nano cat toy on

Are you fascinated by technology and want to get your cat something fresh and modern that not all of the other cats have? These bugs are no Boston Dynamic’s Spot—but your cat will love the lifelike scuttling and flipping of these robotic Hexbugs. Warning: don’t get your cat a Hexbug if you have a phobia of cockroaches. They might be too realistic. Click to view on

It’s fun to buy gifts for your cat sometimes. However, it’s not necessary to make your cat happy. 

It’s fun to spoil your cat and cat-loving friends—but sometimes we need a reminder that extra toys and gifts are not necessary for our cats’ happiness. Gifts and store-bought toys are not what makes our cats’ lives rich and happy, so don’t feel bad if you’re on a budget and feel like you can’t buy everything you want to for your cat. You’ll find ideas for gifts you can give your cat this Christmas without spending a dime in our article, Why Cat Toys Are a Waste of Money.

Now enjoy the holiday season and don’t forget to give your cat a taste of turkey from the table!

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