Homemade Raw Cat Food Made Easy With Wildernesscat: We’re on the Catexplorer Podcast

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We’re excited to share something with you—Wildernesscat is on the Catexplorer Podcast.

If you’re not already familiar with the Catexplorer community, you’re in for a treat. Catexplorer was created by Hasara and Daniel Lay, a talented couple who recognized the need for more and better infor catexplorer podcastmation and resources for people who walk their cats. They started out on Instagram, where they’ve fostered a thriving community of over 5,000 Catexplorers. If you don’t follow them, check them out here: @catexplorer.community.

In addition to their Instagram page, they’re active on Twitter, Facebook, and their website.

Catexplorer recently introduced a new way to get your daily dose of adventure inspiration: the Catexplorer Podcast. In each 60-minute podcast episode, Hasara and Daniel sit down with cat explorers or experts and discuss cats, food, adventure, and inspiration. We were pumped when the people at Catexplorer invited us to be a part of the Catexplorer Podcast. In this episode, we discuss how to make homemade raw cat food easy. We chat about the current state and growing trends of the cat food industry, what makes a good cat food, and how we can get over the scary obstacles to making homemade raw cat food.

Catexplorer Podcast: Homemade Raw Cat Food Made Easy with Wildernesscat

Listen to learn more about:

  • How we joined the cat community and why we started Wildernesscat.
  • Why we say pet guardianship not pet ownership.
  • What we think of the commercial pet food industry today, and what we foresee in the next few years.
  • What’s wrong with commercial pet food, and why we don’t like kibble and dry cat food.
  • A simple introduction to preparing homemade pet food.
  • Which ingredients you’ll need to make your own cat food.
  • The equipment that makes preparing homemade raw cat food easy.
  • How to make raw cat food preparation a part of your routine.
  • Our favorite commercial raw cat foods and premixes.
  • How to pick a commercial cat food if the homemade route isn’t right for you and your cat.
  • Treats for cats.
  • The way we provide a nature-filled lifestyle for our cats and what we hope to see in the future as people continue exploring with their cats.

Sources mentioned in the podcast:

Raw cat food resources mentioned:

Food and treat brands mentioned:

  • Friskies
  • Fresh Pet
  • NomNomNow
  • Natures Variety Raw Instinct Booster
  • Inclover treats

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Thanks, Hasara and Daniel! It was an honor to be on your podcast and we wish you all the best! Happy exploring!