The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth Review: We Tried Bone Broth for Cats

The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth may be the nourishing way to add moisture to your cat’s diet – no time-consuming preparation required. Before we jump into our review of The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth, let’s talk about what bone broth is and what makes it special. Don’t confuse bone broth with traditional broths found at […]

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Can Cats Drink Milk? Why Victorian Cats Were Always Lapping up a Saucer of Milk

If most cats are lactose intolerant and milk gives them diarrhea, why the trope of a cat with a saucer of milk? It’s an image that’s probably ingrained in your mind – a kitten, probably with a bow around its neck, lapping up a saucer of milk – the perfect image of tranquility, the quintessence […]

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top 5 lies about dry cat food

Top 5 Lies About Dry Cat Food – And Why They’re Wrong

Are you telling yourself one of these 5 lies about dry cat food? Dry cat food consists of at most 12% moisture. For an animal with a naturally low thirst drive and an instinctual desire to attain hydration through eating moisture-rich prey, that’s a devastatingly low percentage. Despite the serious flaws of dry food, it remains […]

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can cats eat chicken bones

Can Cats Eat Chicken Bones? A Complete Answer (With Videos!)

Can cats eat chicken bones? The answer to this question is: yes, but under certain circumstances.  Your cat absolutely can eat raw chicken bones. To reiterate, your cat can eat raw, unprocessed, uncooked, unheated, fresh, soft, flexible chicken bones. If the chicken bones came out of your family’s roast chicken or a box from Popeye’s, NO. […]

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cat eating dry food flutd

Dry Cat Food and FLUTD: Dry Food Gave My Cat a UTI

My cat was the perfect candidate for urinary tract disease. He ate dry cat food. One morning, life with my young, healthy red tabby transformed. A peaceful morning turned into a nightmare. It started with him straining in the litter box.  At first, it seemed inconsequential. Then he strained some more. For hours, he strained, again […]

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marijuana safe for cats

Is Marijuana Safe For Cats?

Is marijuana safe for cats? After reading an article about a Massachusetts woman who returned home to find her cats lounging on the porch after razing her potted marijuana plants, I asked myself: “is marijuana safe for cats? So I did some research, and here’s what I learned. Cats who consume marijuana could experience lethargy […]

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best cat urinary foods

What is the Best Urinary Cat Food?

Diet is the most important line of defense against feline lower urinary tract disease. Feeding your cat the right food is the best way to ensure that they won’t have to go through the serious pain and struggling of urinary tract diseases including UTI, crystals, bladder infections, and even urethral blockages. With recurrence rates of […]

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what does cat food taste like

What Does Cat Food Taste Like?

It’s always bewildered me to realize that most people haven’t tried eating cat food at all. You know that your cat’s pupils dilate and lock onto the dish as you prepare the food, their excitement intensifying as the aroma wafts into their veritably quivering nostrils. It’s natural to wonder what they’re experiencing and why they […]

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cooking for your cat

DIY Raw Cat Food: Why You Should Use a Raw Cat Food Supplement

I was nervous about preparing a homemade raw diet for my cat. Doing it right could radically improve his health and quality of life. But doing it wrong could result in tragedy. While a homemade diet allows you to control exactly what goes into your cat’s body and can deliver great health benefits, it’s a huge […]

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vegan cat pawing at a pear

Can Cats Be Vegan? Yes, and People Can Live on Air

“It’s given us a clear sense of what we want in life. Anyone can live a Breatharian lifestyle and feel the benefits. It’s not about never eating food again, it’s about understanding cosmic nourishment (not just physical nourishment) and living without limits.” For the last nine years, this extraordinary couple has defied human biology with their […]

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