PARTU BS-08 Air Purifier Review: Is this the best air purifier for cats?

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PARTU BS-08 Air Purifier



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  • Meets California air purifier regulations
  • Has a quiet night mode
  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Affordable


  • Only for small spaces
  • Is bright at night

We tried the PARTU BS-08 air purifier. Is this the best air purifier for cats?

Disclaimer: We received the PARTU BS-08 air purifier for free in exchange for an unbiased review. Though the product was gratis, all opinions remain our own. 

A great air purifier for cats captures hair, dander, and litter dust while helping to reduce odors. Whether you have allergies, want to reduce dust, need to capture cat hair, or want to get rid of litter box odor, a good air purifier can help make living with your cats more comfortable. 

I’ve heard great things about using air purifiers in homes with cats, but I’d never tried one myself, that is until PARTU, a company known for making low-cost yet effective air purifiers, reached out to us and asked if we’d like to try their PARTU BS-08 air purifier (available for $72.99 at the time of this writing). 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the criteria that make an excellent air purifier for cat-inclusive homes and see how the PARTU BS-08 stacks up. Then we’ll dive into my personal review and experience.

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How do you choose a great air purifier for cats?

The best air purifier for pets should reduce irritants in the air and help you to breathe better. After hours of research into the best air purifiers for cat guardians, we’ve come up with a few key requisites that define a great air purifier. 

  • A HEPA filter for catching cat dander molecules. HEPA filters capture 99.97% of all molecules that are .3 microns in diameter. Fel d 1, the allergy-exacerbating protein found in cat dander, is often carried on airborne particles. These particles usually exceed 5 microns in diameter, well within a HEPA filter’s capabilities. Some purifiers use what are called HEPA type filters—while HEPA type filters aren’t necessarily bad, the label doesn’t have a clear definition. You won’t get the same standards and high-level particle filtration a HEPA filter provides.
  • An adsorbent layer to capture odors and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). HEPA filters are great at capturing dust and particles, but they don’t help with odors or fumes. VOC filtration requires an adsorbent material such as activated carbon. 
  • No ozone production. Some air purifiers use ionization to weigh down molecules and eliminate them from the air, but this ionization process puts off ozone. Ozone is dangerous and is itself a pollutant—exactly what you want your air purifier to get rid of. We’d avoid any air purifiers that don’t keep ozone production under the .050 parts per million limit set out by the California Air Resources Board.
  • A high CADR (clean air delivery rate). An air purifier’s CADR can give you a good idea of how effective it is and which size space it works best in. The CADR is determined by how well a purifier eliminates smoke, dust, and pollen in a regulated space over a period of 20 minutes. A higher CADR will be more effective in a larger space. 

How does the PARTU BS-08 air purifier perform against these criteria?

Now that we know what to look for in the best air purifiers, let’s talk about how the PARTU BS-08 stacks up. We’ll start with its filtration system.

The PARTU BS-08 uses a four-stage filtration process to remove particles and VOCs. 

  1. Pre-filter captures pet hair and larger particles, like cat litter dust.
  2. H14 HEPA filter traps pet dander, pollen, and mold particles.
  3. Activated carbon adsorbs VOCs like smoke smells or pet odors. 
  4. An optional anion setting implements ionization to neutralize molecules in the air without producing ozone over designated emission limits.  

H14 filters are the highest-rated HEPA filters and are used in medical environments. While all HEPA filters are designed to trap 99.97% of all particles .3 microns in diameter, H14 HEPA filters capture 99.995% of particles .1 micron in diameter.

HEPA filters don’t capture VOCs or gaseous pollutants, though, making an adsorbent necessary. The PARTU filter includes an activated carbon adsorbent to trap odors and fumes. 

partu bs-08 air purifier filter

The PARTU purifier has an optional setting that releases anion (negatively charged molecules) into the air. The anion bonds with positively charged molecules in the air, which makes particles heavier and causes them to fall to the ground. This process may produce minimal amounts of ozone, but those amounts remain under the .050 parts per million limit set out by the California Air Resources Board.

If you’d like to avoid releasing any ozone at all, just don’t turn this setting on. There’s some debate over whether or not ionization is beneficial at all, since the heavier molecules may simply drop to the floor or onto furniture. Even if they’re not floating in the air, they’ll still be in the environment.

It’s a California Certified Air Cleaning Device, so it meets ozone emission regulations.

If you’re looking for a safe air purifier, California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified purifiers are a good choice. Air purifiers sold in the state of California are tested for electrical safety and ozone emissions, guaranteeing that they keep ozone emissions under .050 parts per million.

What are the PARTU air purifier’s clean air delivery and air change per hour rates? 

The CADR of the PARTU purifier is 104m³/hour or approximately 61 cfm (cubic feet/minute). It’s not surprising that this small purifier has such a low CADR—it’s much smaller and less powerful than some highly-rated and higher-cost air purifiers on the market. This low CADR indicates that the purifier would work best in small spaces like bedrooms.

In addition to CADR, another important metric is the rate of air changes per hour (ACH). This rate varies based on the size of the room, but 4 ACH is a good baseline for an effective air purifier. As I noted, this purifier works best in small rooms. In order to achieve 4 ACH, the purifier must be placed in a room no larger than 114 square feet with an 8-foot ceiling.

PARTU suggests the purifier is most effective in a 160 square foot space, but this doesn’t add up to an optimal ACH. In a room measuring the recommended 160 square feet, the ACH would be lowered to 3 or less, translating to lower efficiency and less thorough purification. 

PARTU BS-08 air purifier review: Our experience.

The PARTU purifier is small and lightweight.

The PARTU BS-08 is a small air purifier unit. It’s 15 inches tall, has a diameter of 7 inches, and weighs 4.9 pounds. The black plastic design is slim and discreet. It would fit well in a corner, under a desk, or even on top of a desk.

partu air purifier for cats

Setting up the PARTU air purifier was easy.

There’s no assembly required with the PARTU air purifier. After taking it out of the box, the only thing you have to do before plugging it in is to unscrew the bottom of the air purifier and take the plastic bag off of the filter. If you don’t remove the plastic bag, you might hear some extra rustling noise, and the purifier isn’t going to work. 

partu air purifier putting in filter

After you’ve replaced the unbagged filter, simply plug in the purifier. The purifier is powered by AC 120V / 60 Hz. In other words, if you are outside of the U.S. you’d need an adapter. The PARTU purifier uses a maximum of 35 watts of electricity per hour.

To start it up, touch the on/off button. The PARTU BS-08 features a smooth face with light-touch buttons. The touchscreen of the air purifier is a point of contention for some users—if you’re a font-elitist, beware. The writing on the face of the PARTU purifier is reminiscent of Comic Sans.

partu air purifier for cats face

The PARTU purifier has three speed settings.

The fan starts up quickly on the purifier. There are three speed settings which affect both the efficacy of the air purifier and the volume of the purifier fan. 

The first speed, or sleep setting, is extremely quiet. It’s the least effective speed for filtering your air, but if you have trouble sleeping with noise and want to continue purifying through the night, this is a good option for you. The hum is barely noticeable and didn’t bother me at all at 25 decibels. 

The second speed setting is a bit louder, but it won’t disrupt an average-volume conversation. 

The third and loudest setting of the air purifier brings the volume up to 48 decibels. At this volume, I was aware that the purifier was running in the room. It didn’t interfere with conversations and it didn’t bother me most of the time. However, the fastest speed setting was noticeably loud when I was trying to sleep. You might like the noise if you enjoy white noise while sleeping, but I preferred the quiet mode.

The PARTU purifier has seven different color options. 

If you turn on the purifier’s light mode, the air purifier lights up and it will cycle through the color spectrum. If you press the button again, the color will stay as the one you paused on. I found the colors pleasant, and the purifier can substitute as a nightlight. 

partu air purifier at night

If you press the light button a third time, the colored lights will turn off altogether. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way to turn off the lights on the purifier’s display face. The light indicating that the PARTU air purifier is running is a bit bright at night—there is a constant blue glow. 

How often do you need to change the filter?

The PARTU BS-08 features a filter change light that turns on to let you know when it’s time to change the filter. Depending on the usage area and frequency, the filter should last you 6-8 months. It can last longer if you clean the filter with a toothbrush. The replacement filters cost $23.99, so yearly filter costs run just under $50.

View replacement filters on Amazon.

Did we notice any improvement in air quality?

I’ve been running the air purifier on the fastest speed setting during the day and running it in quiet mode at night. This is my first experience using an air purifier, and unfortunately, I didn’t notice a significant difference.

The air quality was good already and, as far as I know, I don’t have any allergies, so I don’t have a good frame of reference. With limited ability to test the purifier in a smaller space, I have been running the purifier in a room that’s larger (300 sq ft open concept) than the space suggested for this purifier, so I don’t think my experience is a clear indication of the purifier’s abilities.

I headed to Amazon to find out what other customers thought of the PARTU BS-08 air purifier. It has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon and over 400 5-star reviews. According to these reviews, it has significantly reduced smoke from wildfires, bathroom odors, sinus congestion, and seasonal allergies. 

As we use the purifier over time, we’ll come back to this article and update you on any changes.

UPDATE 6/18/2020

We moved the air purifier into a much smaller space—a bedroom that was a bit mustier than other areas of the house. After running the purifier in the room at full speed for a couple of hours, the room felt notably fresher. So, this showed me how important it was to use the purifier in the space it was intended for!

Our conclusion.

The PARTU air purifier is a budget-friendly air purifier that seems to perform well in small spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s small and lightweight, looks nice, and has several different speed settings to suit your purifying and volume needs. 

And in terms of air cleaning, this purifier seems to outperform its size and price. The four-stage filtration process means this purifier will reduce cat hair, dander, litter dust, and pet odors. The purifier is affordable upfront with relatively low filter replacement and energy costs over time.

So should you get the PARTU BS-08 air purifier?

Overall, this purifier packs a lot of features into a small package. It has what it takes to handle everything from cat hair to allergens and dust.

If you’re looking to purify a larger area of your house, you’ll need a bigger and more powerful purifier. But if you have small rooms and want an affordable, lightweight purifier that does everything well, the PARTU BS-08 is a robust, reliable, and effective choice. 

Where can I learn more about the PARTU BS-08 air purifier?

The PARTU BS-08 air purifier is available for sale on You can find a full description of the product’s specifications there.

Find the current price on Amazon here

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