33 Best Cat Blogs You Need to Check Out in 2020

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The cat blogging community is rich and varied—it’s a community that we love being a part of. Every day we feel grateful for the people who love cats and dedicate themselves to sharing their knowledge and experience, those who create fantastic resources for cat guardians around the world.

During our prowls around the cat side of the internet, certain blogs and websites have stood out. We want to share those websites with you. We’ve collected some of the world’s best cat blogs and websites and put them here on this list. It’s our way of helping you find some pawesome new blogs and sharing a little love with our fellow cat lovers. Several of these sites have played a major part in our journey to becoming cat bloggers, so we want to thank them in whatever way we can.

Let’s dive in!

The Fluffy Kitty

1. Fluffy Kitty

The Fluffy Kitty blog contains a wealth of information on traveling with cats and eco-friendly cat care. It’s run by an adventurous traveling couple, Brittany and Paul, and their adorable gray cat, Yoda. If you want to start living a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle with your cats, the Fluffy Kitty blog is an excellent place to start! They offer in-depth guides on eco-friendly cat litters, cat food, and beds. You’ll also find information on cat nutrition, grooming, cat travel, and how to get started walking your cat.

Tuxedo-cat.co.uk blog2. Tuxedo-cat.co.uk

Did you know that tuxedo (black and white) cats are often overlooked in shelters? Tuxedo-cat.co.uk was started by Dan Richardson in order to bring awareness to the often ignored tuxedo cats. It’s grown a lot over the years, and the site now covers all types of cat care topics. It’s a great resource for cat guardians—Tuxedo-cat.co.uk is the site for you if you’ve wondered if cats can eat bananas or what the best cat shampoo is. The site has stayed true to its roots, though, and continues to be a voice for tuxedo cats.

catexplorer blog

3. Catexplorer Blog

Catexplorer was created by Hasara and Daniel Lay as a resource for anyone interested in exploring with their cats. Their cats Lumos and Nox are two of the cutest cat explorers on the internet. In addition to Hasara and Daniel’s insights and experiences from their own adventures, the Catexplorer blog features stories from people from around the world who love to explore with their cats. You’ll find kayaking cats, hiking cats, and even skiing cats! The Catexplorer blog also provides fantastic guides on how to determine out if your cat is suited to the adventure lifestyle and how to get started. Don’t forget to check out their podcast and shop, too!

CatLady Fitness blog

4. Cat Lady Fitness

With the help of his agent, Jasmin, this site was created by a cat named Puppytown Dogcity Show (Puppy for short), a rescue cat with a rags-to-riches story. Once flea-infested and living on a diet of dry food and canned tuna, Puppy is now happy and healthy on a raw diet. The site is all about feline health and wellness, sharing some of the internet’s most in-depth guides to raw feeding. You’ll find raw cat food calculators, recipes, and plenty of deeply-researched videos about feline nutrition.

Feline Nutrition Foundation logo

5. Feline Nutrition Foundation

The Feline Nutrition Foundation is one of our longtime favorite resources for cat nutrition information. This is the website that inspired us to explore and pursue radically natural cat nutrition.

The foundation is dedicated to educating cat guardians about cat nutrition and ensuring that we understand what foods cats thrive on. If you want to dive deep into feline nutrition and learn which foods are biologically-appropriate for cats, this is a great place to start.

Catological logo

6. Catological

The internet is filled with cat-myths presented as fact. These myths can get out of control as we share and re-share information without looking into it. The people behind Catological wanted to provide honest, logical, and science-based information about caring for cats. And they were successful. The Catological team has stayed committed to providing evidence-based information in an easy-to-understand format.

They recently created a 2,000+ cat food database that includes detailed information about different cat food brands and formulas. This research reveals a lot of information about the quality of many popular cat foods. Catological’s current mission is now to make sure cat guardians are educated about the issues in the cat food industry and how to make a positive impact by choosing high-quality foods.

Litter-boxes logo

7. Litter-Boxes

I didn’t realize a blog all about cat litter and litter boxes was something I wanted until I found Litter-Boxes. This website is a super-helpful resource for everything litter-related. Don’t know how many litter boxes you need or where to put them in your house? Litter-Boxes has your answer. They have detailed articles on various types of litter boxes, litter box placement, litter box issues, and types of cat litter. If you have any questions about the litter box, this is the site for you.

We're All About Cats Logo

8. We’re All About Cats

We’re All About Cats covers almost every question you’ve had about cats! If you’re looking for in-depth cat food reviews, information about cat health, and cat care guides, We’re All About Cats is the site to visit.

In addition to providing awesome information about cats, they also have a scholarship opportunity designed to help people who love cats get through college.

I Have Cat Blog

9. I Have Cat

This blog was started by Tamar, a 30-something woman who moved to the city and had to navigate the world of dating while having cats. She believed that having cats shouldn’t define you and said no to the cat lady stereotype—she was determined not to have cat hair on her black clothes or scratched up furniture. I Have Cat is filled with funny anecdotes and stories drawn from this experience.

Katzenworld logo

10. Katzenworld

Katzenworld is just what the site name suggests—a world of cats! You’ll find cat comics, stories about cats from around the world, fun cat facts, and poetry. Once you’re done scrolling through the endless articles about everything cat, you can check out the Katzenworld shop, which offers cat accessories, gifts for cat lovers, and more.

CatThink logo

11. Catthink

Catthink, like Litter-Boxes, is another blog all about cat litter and litter boxes. However, Catthink gives less general litter box advice and goes into greater detail on various cat litter brands. If you’re curious about different types of cat litter and want detailed litter buying guides, Catthink is the resource for you.

Conscious Cat Blog

12. The Conscious Cat

Written by former veterinary hospital manager Ingrid King, this award-winning site combines breadth with depth, addressing topics ranging from the effects of COVID-19 in cats to reviews of cat care essentials like litter boxes and scratching posts.
The Cat Site Blog

13. TheCatSite Blog

TheCatSite is best known for its forum, but its blog article section is filled with super-informative guides and interesting articles about cats. You’ll find everything from the ultimate guide to stress in cats to a news story about a catnapped feral cat colony. TheCatSite also posts fun quizzes that test your cat knowledge. Once you’re done scrolling through the articles, don’t forget to drop in on the forum where you’ll find an active community of cat lovers!

The Catnip Times

14. The Catnip Times

The Catnip Times was created in 2012 by Lauren Mieli. Lauren is passionate about cats and created the site as a way to advocate for cats and to distribute knowledge and information. You’ll find a wealth of resources on cat care, product reviews, and more, on The Catnip Times.

Chairman Meow

15. Long Live the Kitty!

This blog is all about Chairman Meow, leader of the Kitty Revolution. There’s a lot of good cat-related content on this blog. You’ll find funny and informative articles about history, media, and anti-capitalist comments from Chairman Meow himself. If you’ve ever wondered how the cat got a role in The Godfather or how Toxoplasmosis can turn you into a crazy cat lady, this is the blog for you.

However, stay away from the home page…unless you want to get your hands on coupon codes for Match.com and Vistaprint. Chairman Meow says he’s offering these coupon codes in order to take money from the greedy corporations, but I personally wonder if these strangely-placed online shopping deals are a result of Chairman Meow slipping into the gears of the capitalist machine himself.

Tel-Avivs Feral Cats Blog

16. Tel-Aviv’s Feral Cats

In addition to bringing awareness to the roughly 39,000 feral cats in Tel-Aviv, this site answers fascinating questions about feline behavior and psychology, like “Do cats forgive you if you hurt them by accident?” and “Do cats watch TV?”All of the articles on this site are written in a refreshing, authentic way inspired by the site owner’s personal experience with four cats at home.

Little Big Cat

17. Little Big Cat

Little Big Cat is the brainchild of retired holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve and cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy. Dr. Jean Hofve has dedicated herself to integrative veterinary medicine and the study of pet nutrition for over 20 years. Jackson Galaxy, the celebrity cat behaviorist from Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell is one of the world’s best-known cat behaviorists. As you might imagine, this site is all about holistic feline health, nutrition, and cat behavior.

The Meow Place

18. The Meow Place

The Meow Place is a super cute blog dedicated to helping cat guardians get the answers to common questions about cats. It promises simple cat care solutions that will help you spend more time enjoying your cat instead of worrying about what to feed them or which litter you should buy!

Feline Opines

19. Feline Opines

Channeling the voices of Oliver, Jasmine, Lily, and Alberto, this blog shares opines and experiences from the life of a cat. If you want a regular digest of the latest in the cat world, tune in for Walk Through The Web Wednesday. This weekly post shares the cats’ favorite news, products, videos, and stories around the web.

Natural Cat Care Blog

20. Natural Cat Care Blog

This blog’s tagline is “Never say ‘just a cat'”. Site owner Liza Eastwood is passionate about everything related to natural cat care. The site provides thoroughly-researched guides on feline nutrition, cancer, and feline behavior. In addition to essential guides, the Natural Cat Care Blog covers a wide variety of topics, including feline IBS,  feline soul mates, and how to encourage cats to get along.

The Way of Cats Blog

21. the Way of Cats

The Way of Cats is a cat training and behavior website that aims to help people get the most out of life with their cats. It’s written by Pamela Merritt, an international cat behavioral consultant. You’ll find plenty of free content on the site and, if you’re interested in more, Pamela also offers paid consultations.

The Purrington Post staff

22. The Purrington Post

The Purrington Post is filled with cat facts, inspiring and funny stories, and cat lifestyle content. You’ll find reviews of cat books, too! The editorial team is quite the full clowder with over eighteen contributing cats. There’s a lot of cat-themed fun on The Purrington Post, so kick back, relax, and get lost in cat-land!

Kitty Cat Chronicles

23. Kitty Cat Chronicles

If you like seeing cats running around on adventures, this blog is for you—you never know what the cats are going to get up to next. You can find the KCC Adventure Team hiking, camping, and even canoeing! They also offer a selection of gear (including an adventure starter kit) for sale so you can adventure with your cat easily.

Three of Kitty Cat Chronicles’ seven cats are special-needs cats, as well. There’s a lot to learn about caring about cats with FIV and cerebellar hypoplasia (a developmental defect that affects motor control). You’ll find articles sharing knowledge and experience while advocating and bringing awareness to special-needs cats.

Kitty Loaf Blog

24. Kitty Loaf

You know that adorable position cats get into where they’re almost the shape of a loaf of bread? It’s as if they just slid out of the bread pan. That’s a kitty loaf. At Kitty Loaf, you can check out the Loaf of the Day—every day they feature a different loaf-shaped cat picture submitted by their readers.

In addition to the Loaf of the Day, you’ll find a ton of cat product reviews! The site owner, Annie, dives deep and has created super-helpful product guides. From the best cat food bowls to detailed reviews of cat shelves, you’ll find it all on Kitty Loaf.

Two Savannah cats are behind the scenes testers at the blog, so if you’re interested in exotic cat breeds, Kitty Loaf is also a great resource for information on the Savannah breed.

Feline Behavior Solutions blog

25. Feline Behavior Solutions

Feline Behavior Solutions’ mission is to keep cats in their homes and out of shelters by offering practicable solutions for common cat behavior issues.

It was created by Marci Koski, a feline behavior and training consultant. She sells phone consultations as well as in-home consultations tailored to you and your cats’ individual needs. In addition to this, she’s written extensively on cat behavior and offers a ton of easy-to-understand information in the free articles on the site! Feline Behavior Solutions is an amazing resource for cat training information and advice that can help you decode your cat’s behavior.

The Cat on My Head blog

26. The Cat on My Head

Do you want to read a good old cat blog—authentic stories about real cats, fun pictures, and funny cat anecdotes? The Cat on My Head is the blog for you. You’ll find poetry, day to day stories, and lots of pictures of cats.

This is another blog that has so much to offer that it’s best to sit down when you’re feeling cozy, cat by your side or maybe on your head, and enjoy!

The Island Cats blog

27. The Island Cats

The Island Cats chronicles the daily adventures of the Island Cats—living the good life on a not-so-tropical island in Michigan!

The Island Cats have charming personalities, and you’ll enjoy kicking back with Ernie and Zoey and hearing about their lives and ever-cute cat antics.

Kittyclysm blog

28. Kittyclysm

Kittyclysm is a really cool cat blog that covers all sorts of topics. Elise posts about cat training, health, and cat products, as well as interesting stories about her two cats, Avery and Bjorn.

If you’re a cat lover, you’ll feel at home in the pages of Kittyclysm. Elise’s love for her cats really shines through in her writing! The blog is authentic and honest.

Momma Kat and her Bear Kat

29. Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat

Bear Cat and Ellie Mae’s squabbles and moments together are recorded in a fun almost comic book-style format. Every article is a romp through life’s everyday laughs and challenges.

Green Little Cat Blog

30. Green Little Cat

Green Little Cat is a blog all about living an eco-conscious lifestyle with your pets.

They post about eco-friendly toys, scratchers, litter and more. You’ll also find lots of posts about natural cat health care options and steps you can take to live a natural lifestyle with your pets.

Cat Mania Blog

31. Cat Mania

At Cat Mania, you’ll find the answer to almost any question you have about cats! They offer information about cat behavior and health and feature a host of detailed product reviews. Cat Mania is a great educational resource for cat guardians. Love Meow blog

32. Love Meow

Love Meow is filled with feel-good stories about cat rescues, adorable videos of kittens, and cat news.
If you love to sit down and catch up on stories about stray kittens finding forever homes and dogs raising cats as their own, Love Meow is the blog for you. Meowpassion blog

33. Meowpassion

Meowpassion is made for cat lovers. It’s the place to go for everything from reviews of the best cat lunch boxes to the answer to questions like “why do cats like boxes?”. If you’re passionate about cats, Meowpassion is fun to browse through and explore.

Should your blog be included in this list?

If you write a cat blog and believe it should be featured on this list, let us know in the comment section. We’re always happy to check out new cat websites and would love suggestions on how we can expand our list.

If you don’t run a blog about cats but have a favorite that you love to read, let us know about it!

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