Wessie Reviews It: Should You Feed Your Cat Raw Chicken Wings?

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Yum! Chicken wings are a great raw treat for your cat.

Total newbie to raw feeding? Experienced raw feeder looking for a fresh treat to share with your cat? Raw chicken wings are a popular choice for cats because they’re easy to acquire and the perfect size for cats to eat. But do cats really like them? And what’s the best way to feed your cat raw chicken wings? We’ve enlisted the help of our feline representative, Wessie, to find out.

Click on the video above to watch Wessie eat a raw chicken wing.

First of all, let’s talk about prep. Here’s how to feed your cat a raw chicken wing.

They can be kinda tough to get down.

Because Wessie sometimes has a hard time eating chicken wings, we like to bludgeon those babies with a mallet. This breaks down the wing a little bit and makes it easier for kitty consumption. Even though the wing is broken here and there, there are still enough substantial bone chunks to encourage the gnawing action that makes raw chicken wings so good for your cat’s oral health.

My recommendation: before serving the chicken wing to your cat, pop it in a plastic bag and give it a few good strikes with a mallet to smush it up a bit.

After breaking down the bones, place the chicken wing in front of your cat.

Your cat probably knows what to do next. While there’s no need to worry about your cat getting sick from eating a raw chicken wing, it’s a good idea to wash your hands and all work surfaces thoroughly. It’s important to protect humans, too.

They’re great for your cat’s teeth.

Because raw meaty bones force your cat to engage in ripping, tearing, and gnawing, they provide a fantastic jaw workout that most modern cats don’t get. This intense eating experience helps to remove tartar and keep your cat’s teeth sparkly clean.

But don’t cook those bones!

Never, ever feed your cat cooked bones. Cooked bones are fragile and may splinter, causing your cat serious harm.

Raw food in general lets out Wessie’s natural instincts.

Wessie gets super excited about raw food and when he eats it, he takes on a different stance and behaviors than when consuming conventional cat food. He gets aggressive with the food, he chomps and gnaws and uses his claws. It’s a full-body experience that is far more stimulating for him than other varieties of cat food. Of course, this applies to raw chicken wings, too.

Raw chicken wings aren’t a complete meal.

A proper raw diet includes a balanced mixture of organs, muscle meat, and bones – a balance you won’t find in chicken wings alone. But as a snack, treat, or a supplement to a balanced diet, raw chicken wings can make a fantastic addition to the feline diet.

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