Top 7 Best Websites for Adventurous Cats

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At Wildernesscat, the focus is always on adventurous cats – perhaps like yours – who embrace a lifestyle fueled by nature. Whether your cat is a backpacking outdoor explorer or simply rejects conventional food in favor of radically natural nutrition, all of our Wildernesscat Pals are definitely adventurers. If you’re thinking about starting out on this wild path, there are a few sites that will help you get started. We’ve chosen a handful of our favorite websites that promote a different kind of cat lifestyle.

adventurecats screenshot

This one is at the top of the list for a reason. Chances are that if your cat is an adventurer today, it’s because you were first inspired by this website. is THE place to find adventurecat information and inspiration. When the site was founded back in 2015, the idea of adventuring with cats was little more than a dream. While a few trailblazing adventurous cats were out there before, it wasn’t until after the explosion of the site that hiking, camping, boating, and generally adventuring with cats really became a trend.

The site showcases inspirational stories and photos from adventurecats across the globe and shares educational materials to help you get started with the adventurous lifestyle. petoodles cat harnesses website screenshot

Another pioneer of the #AdventureCatRevolution, Petoodles offers high-quality harnesses geared specifically towards adventurous cats. For those seeking a safe, secure harness for their naturally adventurous cats, the Petoodles harness is a hit.

feline nutrition foundation

The Feline Nutrition Foundation is an incredible resource when it comes to feline diet advice. With well-researched and documented information that makes sense, this site takes a beautifully scientific and rational approach to feline nutrition. Anyone looking to get started learning the truth about feline nutrition should start with this site.

bolt and keel adventurecats website screenshot

There’s no doubt that Bolt and Keel are some exceptionally inspirational cats. These fluffy Canadian brothers were found abandoned in a garbage bin in a local park. Instead of heading to the animal shelter as planned, unexpected circumstances brought Bolt and Keel along on a two-day canoeing, hiking, and camping trip. That was the beginning of Bolt and Keel’s journey as bold-hearted explorers of the outdoors. The site features breathtaking kitty adventure photos, advice, and accounts of Bolt and Keel’s travels.

Don’t miss their Instagram page – it’s incredible!

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The Conscious Cat advocates for a holistic approach to living with cats – encouraging good health through a harmonious diet and lifestyle. Ingrid King, the woman behind The Conscious Cat, has been described this way:

“Ingrid King defines what it is to be a “cat person.” She doesn’t just live with them, observe and write about them; rather, she delves deeper, reflecting a natural sense of empathy and kinship with cats. There is an intrinsic bond with the feline world on display in casual conversation with Ingrid, as well as in her writing. Ingrid brings us closer to understanding the everyday reality of cats and, finally, what we can learn about our own lives through better appreciating theirs.”

Jackson Galaxy, Host of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell

In addition to a mind-boggling wealth of information on cat health care, The Conscious Cat offers giveaways, cat health consultations, and a product guide. A true giant in the holistic cat care world!

catmantoo screenshot


With recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records for most tricks by a cat (she did 20 to win the award), Didga is one special cat. What’s more, Didga is continuing to learn even more tricks! This Aussie kitty and her guardian, Robert, make an inspiring duo for anyone interested in cat training. Whether you want to train your cat to high five or hike at your side, you’ll probably find this YouTube channel both inspirational and informative.

red cross pet first aid app screenshot

Red Cross First Aid App for Pets

Click to download for Android from the Google Play store – free!

Now, this one isn’t quite the same as the rest – it’s actually an app. That said, this is an essential in your adventurecat toolbox. The Red Cross first aid app offers educational information and step-by-step first aid instructions.