Small Cat Breeds: 6 Breeds That Stay Small

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For many cat lovers, far and away the most fun and just plain adorable times with their cats are in the kitten days. There is something irresistible about a fluff ball-sized cat.  If you are looking to add a feline family member and love that kitten phase, read on for some breeds of cat who always stay on the smaller side and will give you your “kitten fix” for many happy years.  You will always have a cute little cuddle buddy. You will always be able to pick them up, and just be overwhelmed with their cuteness every time you look at them. For some reason, there is just something special when animals are small. They instantly become a lot more adorable.  When you have a little puppy or kitten, you have to hold them constantly. Below, we’ll tell you about cat breeds whose small cuddly-size are sure to fit right into your life and family!

1. Singapura

Adult weight: 5-8 lbs

Straits Singapuras – CC BY-SA 4.0

Among cats that stay small, Singapuras lead the clowder (what feline aficionados call a group of cats).  Female Singapuras weigh in at 5 pounds as adults with males getting to 6 to 8 pounds. They are very active and intelligent cats, with muscular and agile bodies, and large eyes and sizeable ears. Singapuras have tawny brownish coats and black-tipped tails. The individual hair strands are near white closest to the Singapura’s body, and gradually get darker and browner to their hair ends. Singapuras are very people oriented; if you choose one of these cats that stay small to join your family, this kitty will check in with its family members regularly, and like to watch the world go by from a friendly human shoulder! With their high activity and curiosity, Singapuras love to be outside. Not surprising from their name, these cats are believed to originate from Singapore street cats, and are also known as “Kucinta” or “Drain Cat.” They came to the United States and developed as a breed in the 1970s, and have since been recognized as an official breed by the International Cat Association, and the Cat Fanciers Association. Singapore has now declared the Singapuras a national treasure. To conclude, Singapuras are tiny creatures that make really loving and affectionate cats.

2. Munchkin

Adult weight: 4-8 lbs

Munchkin Small Cat Breeds
Fedorov078 – CC BY-SA 4.0

Next, meet the Munchkins! This shorter-legged cat is the result of a natural mutation, and despite their diminutive appearance, Munchkins are perfectly healthy.  Munchkins have long-ish bodies with shorter legs that keep them low to the ground, and so are one of the smaller breeds. But what Munchkins lack in leg length, they more than make up in playfulness, energy, and pure fun.  They are not great jumpers, but they are agile and very fast as they scamper, play and explore. You can find Munchkins with long or short coats, and their coloring varies from marbled, tabby, tricolor, striped tabby or mitted. While short-legged cats have regularly surfaced throughout history, the current Munchkins trace their breed to development in the United States in the 1980s. Munchkins are smart companions and can get along with every member of the family including dogs, and kids. Whenever a cat is small and cute, most people automatically assume the cat is also warm-hearted. In this case, it is exactly true. Munchkins are wonderful creatures.  Whatever Munchkin choice you make, you’ll have an adorable companion who will stay on the small side, generally from 4 to 8 lbs once they reach adulthood. In comparison, the average cat weight is 9 pounds. 4 pound Munchkins are twice as small as the average cat! If you stacked a Munchkin next to a Maine Coon, then we are talking a 15 pound difference between Munchkins and Maine Coons. Munchkins are super small cats and are great for families.

3. Devon Rex

Adult weight: 5-8 lbs

Devon Rex Small Cat Breed
Heikki Siltala – CC BY 3.0

Next, the Devon Rex may be the perfect cat that stays small to join your life. These cats are generally between 5 to 8 pounds as adults. Devon Rex cats have slender bodies, big eyes, and unusual, wavy coats with a loose curl. Because they are cats that stay small and have unusual hair, the Devon Rex is also known as the Poodle cat and the Pixie cat. These Pixies originated in England when a feral tomcat with a curly coat sired kittens, some of which inherited his curly coat and the Devon Rex line began. That wavy coat may be tabby, spotted, mink-like or ticked and can be quite curly, short, soft and silky. And, because Devon Rex cats’ coat consists only of an undercoat, they are a great choice for families with cat allergies. They are also great cats for busy families. This is because they are very welcoming to any attention you might throw their way and are in return very loving cats. But, when nobody is around these cats won’t be lost. These creatures are independent and are fine with spending some alone time. You’ll be happy to add this Pixie to your life!

4. Cornish Rex

Adult weight: 5.5-8.5 lbs

Cornish Rex Small Cat Breed
Jiřina Choděrová – CC BY-SA 4.0

Cousin to the Devon Rex, the Cornish Rex is another breed of cats that stay small, with the adult growing only to between 5 ½ pounds to 8 ½ pounds. And, these cats’ kitten-like appearance matches their personality, which although they are very intelligent cats, they often retain kitten-like playfulness into adulthood. Cornish Rex cats are also loved for their very soft and unusual coat, which like their cousins is wavy to curly.  And, because Cornish Rex cats’ coat consists only of an undercoat, they are a great choice for families with cat allergies. They are also very playful and active, and good with children. Cornish Rex cats are very sociable and want to be where the action is — thriving on their families’ attention. Cornish Rex cats originate from the United Kingdom, and were developed as a breed in the 1950s.

5. Siamese

Adult weight: 6.5-11 lbs

Siamese Small Cat Breed
Alexandr frolov – CC BY-SA 4.0

Another of the cats that stay smaller is the well-loved Siamese. These cats usually range from 6 ½ to 11 pounds once adulthood is reached. But despite their more modest body size, Siamese often have out-sized personalities; they are highly intelligent, very outgoing, and their owners will tell you, very quick to vocalize when they want attention! Siamese are among the most historic cats, dating from the 14th Century in former Siam (current Thailand). These cats much prefer to be in the house, not outside and have short, easy to care for coats. Siamese cats are bigger than other small cat breeds. These cats have stunning blue eyes, and they deserve really exotic cat names that highlight their magnificent blue eyes. But, the Siamese is a really unique breed with many distinct features that set them apart from the rest.

6. American Curl

Adult weight: 6.5-11.5 lbs

American Curl Small Cat Breeds
Heikki Siltala – CC BY 3.0

A more common type of cat that stays on the small side is the American Curl, so named because a random mutation caused this breed to have ears that curl backwards. As adults, American Curls may attain weights of 6 ½ to 11 ½ pounds. American Curl cats are very unique- looking with their distinctive ears and long-hair, and present in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and shades. Humans lucky enough to have American Curls in their families rave about their loyalty, high level of activity and playfulness. American Curls love to interact with their families and be involved in family activities. These laid-back felines are somewhat larger than some of the smallest breeds described above due to some cross-breeding but still range on the smaller side. Overall, American Curls are a little bigger than some of the cats on this list but are still smaller than most average-sized cats. American Curls are basically the definition of a family cat.

I don’t know if you noticed, but we adore small cat breeds.

Small cats are a delight to have as it is like you have a little kitten forever. Who would not want to own an adorable kitten forever? Having something so small is also convenient. With bigger cats, it can be harder to get them to go anywhere. With a cat that is small though, you can just put them in a cat backpack, and be on your way. I recommend if you are looking for the smallest of the small, a female cat will universally be close to a few pounds less than her male counterpart. All in all, cats that stay small can be the best companions in the world, the only difference with these cats versus a regular cat is they never grow up in a physical sense.

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