iPrimio Litter Box Review: Is This the Best Large Litter Box for Cats?

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iPrimio XL Litter Box



9.8 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


4.0 /10


  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Doesn't hold odors
  • Is more hygienic than plastic
  • Large size is comfortable for cats


  • Simple design isn't the most stylish
  • More expensive than most litter boxes

If you have a bigger cat like a Maine Coon, Ragdoll, or simply a chubby cat, a large litter box is essential. Cats like to have the room to turn around comfortably in their litter box and dig around without worrying about stepping outside of the box or running into a wall. 

Unfortunately, most litter box designers cater less to our cats’ desires and more towards their humans—and that means small and sleek litter boxes are more common. It makes sense. After all, humans are buying the litter boxes and a large litter box usually isn’t the most appealing piece of home decor. 

That doesn’t mean everyone was happy with the small litter boxes available. Cat guardians in search of a bigger box didn’t give up. They just had to get creative. Take a look at the good ol’ DIY Rubbermaid litter box, a favorite of people with crafty instincts. Others, like on this Reddit thread, turned to restaurant pan litter boxes.

If you’d prefer to keep the jigsaw in the garage and go with a marketed-for-cats product which has the backing of many positive reviews from fellow cat guardians—you’re in the right place. We may have found the best large litter box for cats.

We tried the iPrimio stainless steel XL cat litter box.

iPrimio reached out to us and asked us to review several of their cat products, including the litter box. iPrimio is a brand with a reputation for selling quality pet products. We’ve noticed that their litter scoop consistently ranks at the top of Amazon searches and can be found on several “best-of” lists.

We were happy to test the products and see if the litter box lived up to iPrimio’s reputation. 

iPrimio Stainless Steel XL Cat Litter Box Review

Disclosure: “Wildernesscat received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Although the product was gratis, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”

Let’s take a look at what’s inside the box.

As one Amazon reviewer described it, the iPrimio XL litter box looks just like a huge stainless steel baking pan.

The litter box is simple. It’s impressively big and roomy. It’s sturdy. It’s ready to fill with litter and use straight out of the box.

The litter box is 23.5” long, 15.5” wide, and 6” deep. That’s big enough for most large cats.

The high sides will help keep your cat’s litter inside the box. If your cat is a particularly vigorous digger or likes to play in the box, iPrimio does offer a plastic litter box enclosure which gives three of the sides 6” of extra height. The litter box doesn’t have any sharp corners—all of the corners are rounded which makes it easy to scoop. It’s made out of stainless steel and is intended to be odor, stain, and rust free.

The box has four rubber feet on the bottom so that the box doesn’t scratch or slip on your floors.

iPrimio Metal Litter Box Underside Grips

Our litter box doesn’t have this, but if you order an iPrimio litter box and it has two small holes on the top edge, those are for a litter scoop holder attachment. iPrimio hasn’t released the litter scoop holder yet but the litter boxes are already being made to accommodate the attachment for the future.

How did the cats like the design?

The high sides, while great for keeping litter inside the box, make this litter box unsuitable for kittens, elderly cats, or cats with arthritis or joint problems. The 6” sides require a little hop or large step for cats to get inside of the box. Wessie and Forest didn’t have any problems getting in and took to the box immediately. The open design is very similar to what they’re used to—just a little larger.

We were worried that the cats might not like the feeling of their claws scraping against a metal box, but they didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, they chose the iPrimio litter box over the plastic one when they had the option.

Is the iPrimio litter box easy to clean?

Yes. My second favorite thing about the iPrimio litter box is how easy it is to clean (first thing being how roomy it is!). We always recommend using stainless steel or glass bowls because of how much cleaner they are than plastic ones—the same rule applies to litter boxes.

While an affordable plastic open-topped litter box is probably the best choice for first-time cat guardians who don’t know their cat’s preferences yet, they do have cleanliness problems that the iPrimio stainless steel litter box can help solve. The plastic litter boxes that we were using developed a lot of nicks and scratches over time. Those abrasions got filled with almost impossible to remove clay litter residue. Plastic also retains odors, making the litter boxes a breeding ground of bacteria and odors.

It’s easy to scoop out messes from the iPrimio litter box—I didn’t notice anything sticking to the sides of the box when I scooped. The stainless steel is easy to clean with a disinfectant wipe and doesn’t hold odors.

The iPrimio litter box is expensive: is it worth it?

This litter box is expensive—it rings up around $50. Most plastic litter boxes cost from $8-$25. Without any exciting extra electronic features or bells and whistles, the doubled price can be a turn-off. 

Whether or not the litter box is worth it is up to you. The iPrimio litter box is a high-quality product that will last a very long time. You may never need to buy another litter box again. It doesn’t hold odors and is easy to clean. It’s an excellent choice for larger cats or multiple cat homes. 

I don’t have any complaints about the litter box—it does exactly what it’s meant to do. The decision whether or not it’s the right litter box for your cat family is up to you and your budget. 

Where can I buy the iPrimio XL cat litter box?

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The iPrimio litter box is surprisingly tough to find to purchase. It’s available from various sellers on eBay and is for sale on Amazon.com.

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