Where to Buy Single Cans of Cat Food Online

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Where can you buy single cans of cat food online?

A few online stores sell single cans of cat food, including Only Natural Pet and Go Healthy Pet. Individually-sold cat food cans are typically rather expensive online, so it’s only practical to purchase small quantities when sampling a new product.

Before you buy from one of these retailers, go straight to the cat food company and ask if you can make a small order. Many give new customers free or discounted samples. And if all else fails, consider shopping on Chewy instead of Amazon. While they don’t sell single cans of cat food, Chewy’s liberal return policy allows you to return the case for free if your cat doesn’t like the food.

Most online retailers sell cat food by the case—this is frustrating for people trying out a new product.

Someone recently asked an interesting question on an article I’d written on We’re All About Cats. The commenter said they wanted to try out some of the foods recommended in the article, but in case their cat didn’t like the taste, didn’t want to buy an entire case. Where, they wondered, can you order smaller quantities of cat food?

What a great question! The internet is a fantastic place to buy cat food in terms of variety and availability, but outside of a brick-and-mortar store, it’s hard to find small quantities of cat food. It’s always in cases of twelve cans or more, meaning that you’ll have to commit to at least a week’s supply without even knowing if your cat will like it. I turned to Google and started searching for the answers. Here’s what I learned.

Some online retailers DO sell individual cans of cat food.

I’ve currently only found three retailers who sell single cans of cat food online. Bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive list and likely excludes many low-profile online retailers who do sell single cans. If you represent an online store that sells individual cans of cat food, please let us know so that we can add you to this resource.

Only Natural Pet

Only Natural Pet is a Colorado-based natural pet brand and retailer that is currently one of the few e-tailers willing to sell cat food by the can. Their selection is limited to organic and natural cat food products from brands like Hound & Gatos, Ziwi Peak, and Nature’s Variety.

If you’ve never shopped on Only Natural Pet before, note that new customers can use the coupon code AFNEW5OFF to get $5 OFF plus FREE shipping on their first order over $30.

Go Healthy Pet

This online retailer offers a nice little selection of individual cat food cans. Their lineup includes brands like Dave’s Pet Food, Fussie Cat, Health Extension, and more. If you don’t find what you want, you may be able to ask the company to make a special order for the food you need. Their single cans are reasonably priced and, if you live in the Fort Lauderdale area, they’ll offer free home delivery on all orders of $50 or more.

Go Healthy Pet encourages you to mix-and-match variety packs of cat food. If you buy a case quantity of cans in the same size and category, GoHealthyPet offers a 5% discount off the individual can price. If you buy two or more cases, you’ll receive 10% off.


Good ol’ Target does sell single cans of cat food but bear in mind that they’re only available as an add-on item with an order of over $25. Unlike Go Healthy Pet and Only Natural Pet, this big box store has a very wide variety of foods in stock, including grocery brands like Friskies and Fancy Feast.

Contact the company that makes the cat food.

If you explain that you’d like a small quantity to try out the food, some companies will let you make a small order at a discounted rate.

Consider ordering cat food from Chewy.

While Chewy doesn’t sell individual cans of cat food, they have a worry-free return and refund policy.

Their generous return policy means that you’re free to return any product, whether it’s used or unused, up to one year after you buy it. If your cat eats one can and doesn’t enjoy the product, Chewy will allow you to return the rest of the box for free.

On Amazon, refunds and returns are inconsistent. If your cat doesn’t like the food you ordered, you may get a refund if you report your experience within 30 days, but not all sellers will cooperate. Chewy has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you’ll never have to worry.

What if you order a case of cat food and your cat doesn’t like it?

So you weren’t able to order a single can of cat food online and instead purchased a whole case. When you put the food in your cat’s bowl, they refused to eat it. What do you do?

Contact the seller and ask if you can get a refund or return the product.

Most sellers will be willing to refund your money or allow you to return the food. If you return it, the food will usually go back to the manufacturer. If you get a refund, you’ll have your money back, but you’ll still have a box of unused cat food on your hands.

Donate any unused food to someone who needs it.

Here’s a list of organizations that will accept cans of cat food:

  • Pets of the Homeless – Coordinates pet food and supplies donations to food banks, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and directly to homeless people and their pets living on the street. So far, they’ve collected 602.98 tons of pet food. Click here to find a donation center near you.
  • Purrfect Pals – This organization collects cat and kitten food and other supplies and distributes it food banks and individuals who care for free-roaming cats. Check their site or send an email to verify that they can accept the type of cat food you have.
  • Local Pet Food Pantries – Do a quick Google search to find out if there is a pet food pantry near you. While likely not a comprehensive guide, here’s a list of pet food pantries and assistance programs, organized by U.S. state.
  • Local Rescue Organizations – Contact local animal shelters and other rescue organizations to see if they’ll accept your unused cat food.

In conclusion, it IS possible to find single cans of cat food for sale online.

If you know of any online retailers who sell single cans of food or of cat food companies willing to send sample sizes, please let us know in the comments!