Cats and Fireworks: Tips for Keeping Your Cat Calm During Fireworks

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Guest post by Wendy Dessler.

Fireworks are a beautiful way to celebrate and fun to look at. However, for our furry friends, these loud bangs can be a nightmare. They don’t know that these noises are harmless to them. Our animals, including cats, often think that something terrible is happening. This triggers your cat’s flight or fight instincts and causes them anxiety. 

As cat guardians, we can’t stop others from shooting off fireworks, but we can do things to comfort our cats during the holidays when the sound of fireworks going off fills the night. We’re going to go over ways to keep your cat calm during the light shows. 

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cats and fireworks

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Offer your cat CBD oils or chews.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been used to reduce symptoms of anxiety in humans. It affects serotonin levels, which are our body’s natural hormone that improves mood, sleep, and behavior. 

“If you feel like your furry friend could use some help calming down, CBD may be a great solution,” state the experts at There are sprays, treats, and drops you can add to food or water. 

Before the fireworks start going off, try offering your cat a CBD product to help your cat feel more relaxed when the explosions start. 

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Create a safe space for your cat.

When cats are stressed out, they can act out of character. This stress could manifest in a number of ways. Your cat might go to the bathroom outside of the litter box, become either clingy or go into hiding, meow excessively, or turn down food. While most of these stress symptoms are harmless, stress can be detrimental to your cat’s health if not managed. 

To keep your cat safe and prevent any accidents outside of the litter box, create a safe space for them while the fireworks are going off. This space could be a small closet or a room in the basement. In their zone, make sure there are familiar blankets and toys for them, as well as a litter box.

If comfortable things surround them, they’ll be able to relax more. Keeping your furry loved one in a place where there’s the least amount of noise and light will make them feel safe. 

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Keep your cat indoors with you.

Cats often find comfort in their guardians. Although going outside to watch the colorful display is enjoyable, your cat will probably be calmer if you stay indoors and comfort them. 

If your cats are outside, they might run away. They may be hit by a car or never find their way home. Every year there’s a large spike in lost pets and pets turned in to shelters around New Year’s Eve and the 4th of July. Unfortunately, many pets don’t find their way home after they disappear during the scary confusion of firework festivities. No firework display is worth any of this distress for you or them. Instead, stay at home and cuddle with them to reduce their stress. 

Get out your cat’s energy during the day.

Make sure your cat is tuckered out by spending extra time playing during the day if you know there’ll be fireworks in the evening. This can help them relax at night. If your cat uses up enough of their energy during the day, they’ll be tired by evening. You can tire out your cat by playing with interactive toys or taking them on an outdoor adventure with a harness and leash. 

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Your cat won’t be affected by the firework’s loud booms if they’re fast asleep. Another bonus to all of this exercise is that it’s good for you, too, before diving into all the BBQ goodies at the cookout. 

Buy an anxiety vest.

An anxiety vest for animals is similar to a weighted blanket for humans. It’s a snug-fitting jacket that feels like swaddling. They’re safe to use and come in a variety of sizes for your pets. 

Not every cat takes to wearing an anxiety vest right, away, so introduce the vest slowly over time before using it in a stressful situation. This slow introduction ensures that your cat associates the vest with comfort—and it’s not an added stressor. If properly introduced, many cats take well to anxiety vests and stay calmer while wearing them.

cat in thundershirt
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When you can’t be home with your furry friends, this is an excellent option to make them feel like they’re in your arms. You can use it when you’re home as well for added comfort. 

Put on some distracting noise.

This can be anything from the television and music to calming noises like the ocean. By creating some background sounds or distractions, the fireworks will be drowned out. 

Yes, your pet will still hear them, but it won’t be as intense. The sounds between the fireworks can calm your animal. Never put on violent or intense sounds. Stick with slower songs and a television channel that’s calm. 

Fireworks can be scary, but you can help keep your cat calm.

Fireworks are a central part of many celebrations. They’re great for us but stressful for our pets. We can do our best to help them remain calm and comfort them. 

You can give your cat CBD oil, create a safe place for them, stay indoors with them, get out your cat’s energy through exercise and play, buy an anxiety vest, and put on relaxing background sounds. This way, they’ll feel safer and more relaxed during all of the crashing and booming around them. 

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