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Meet Wessie.

Wessie is an eight-year-old tabby living in the forests of Northwestern Montana. Since his early days in the animal shelter, it’s been apparent that Wessie was special. In the shelter cage, he didn’t quite fit in with the other kittens – they almost seemed to pick on the younger, smaller, quieter cat. That shy, awkward personality is part of why he fits in so well with his human family. Around here, we know him for his peaceful presence and impressive primordial pouch.

How he lives life to the fullest

Living in the midst of an evergreen-and-larch forest, Wessie’s favorite place to explore is the woods. He loves to explore the woods, scampering through the undergrowth, sharpening his claws on bark, and climbing up trees as far as he can. To stay safe, he goes outside under supervision and, if going for a longer hike, he’ll walk on a leash and harness. He doesn’t really need the leash, though – he always follows without much encouragement.


What’s his secret to health?

You know, no matter how much you know about cat health, it’s always hard to say what the secret to your health is. Anything could happen any day and all your claims might fall apart. Not to mention that a healthy lifestyle is made up of so many different parts…how do you know what aspect of that lifestyle keeps you healthy? That said, there are some things that does differently.

When Wessie was two years old, he had a busy year that lead to some changes.

At the time, he was an outdoor cat, a roamer and an adventurer. His outdoor ramblings had their fair share of danger: one afternoon, a disgruntled neighbor shot him. After recovering from the leg wound, Wessie started living indoors full-time. During this period, he developed urinary tract issues. Desperate to find solutions, we scoured numerous resources to find out what caused this and how the problem could be solved.

We discovered that dry food has been linked to urinary tract disease. At the time a dry-only eater, Wessie had gone through two bouts of urinary tract disease. No one wanted it to happen again. When he was two years old, he turned his back on dry kibble. He hasn’t had a single issue since. Today, he fuels up with wet food and extra water to keep his urinary tract in tip-top condition.

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