clumping clay cat litter

Is Clumping Clay Cat Litter Bad for Cats?

Clumping clay cat litter – a healthy choice or something else? There’s a certain feeling about clumping clay cat litter floating through the natural cat care world – an indistinct sense that there’s something wrong, perhaps even sinful, about this staple cat product. At first glance, clay cat litter looks just fine. Bentonite clay is natural […]

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Is Corn Cob Cat Litter Good for Cats?

If you’re looking for a healthy natural or organic cat litter, one of the types of cat litter that you may consider is corn cob cat litter. As the name suggests, this kitty litter is made out of good ol’ corn. It’s a healthy choice if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly cat litter that won’t cause respiratory distress. However, this […]

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