What Is Feline Acne? Feline Acne Home Remedy

Is your cat’s chin covered in black specks or oozing pimples? You might be looking at feline acne.  While writing a review of CleanHealthy Bowls last week, I got to thinking about acne. Cat acne. Why would a disposable pet food bowl make me think of feline acne? Well, when cats have an acne problem, […]

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best cat toothbrush

Best Cat Toothbrush – Your Guide to Choosing the Best Cat Toothbrush in 2018

What’s the best cat toothbrush? It’s encouraging to see the number of cat toothbrushes on the market – it’s evidence that people are taking the time out of their day to clean their cats’ teeth. Remember that just a few decades ago, people were more inclined to feed their cat dry kibble than brush their […]

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best cat toothpaste

Best Cat Toothpaste – Choose the Right Toothpaste for Your Cat!

I remember the lightbulb moment when I asked myself “wait a second, why DON’T we brush our cats’ teeth?” We’ve been taught from an early age that brushing our own teeth is essential. Yet, in an example of bizarre human cognitive dissonance, people have for years felt that cats don’t need the same treatment. It’s […]

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Cranberry for Cat Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedy

Cranberry for cat urinary tract infection – can this home remedy really help my cat? Cranberries and their juice have been the go-to UTI home remedy for decades. The effectiveness of cranberry for urinary tract infections has become increasingly controversial. Numerous studies have been performed in order to define if cranberry is a good urinary tract […]

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How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing Outside the Litter Box

How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing Outside the Litter Box Ew. Cat pee. It’s strong smelling, long lasting, and shouldn’t be an inextricable part of your carpet or cashmere sweater. If your cat has shunned their designated litter box either full or part-time, you might be panicking. No one wants to be known as […]

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cat bad breath

Cat Bad Breath: Causes and Natural Remedies for Bad Breath in Cats

Is cat bad breath normal? I grew up believing that it was normal for cats to have bad breath. Maybe this ignorance resulted from the seemingly innocuous slur “cat breath” constantly slung by the sarcastic protagonists in my favorite books. It implied that bad breath and cats went hand in hand. If bad breath was […]

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Wessie cat uti home remedies

Cat UTI Home Remedies – You CAN Help Your Cat!

You don’t know how much you love the sight of urine-dampened kitty litter until your cat has FLUTD. I remember when my cat had his first brush with urinary tract disease several years ago. It happened unexpectedly – in the early hours of the day, he was his happy two-year-old self. Later that morning, I […]

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bee stung cat

Adventure Cat First Aid Guide: How to Treat a Cat Bee Sting

I remember the first time my cat was stung. He yelped, ran a few feet, and started licking his paw. It wasn’t clear what had happened until about fifteen minutes later, when I noticed that his fuzzy white paw looked a bit like a marshmallow that had puffed up in the microwave. Adventurous cats love […]

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Traveling with Cats: Motion Sickness and How to Solve It

Traveling with Cats: Motion Sickness and How to Solve It Whether you’re setting out on a cross-country roadtrip with your cat, just need to take your cat on a quick car ride to the vet, or simply like cruising the streets with your cat in the backseat, there’s one thing that’s sure to ruin the drive. […]

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are probiotics good for cats

Feline Probiotics: Are Probiotics Good for Cats?

Feline probiotics provide digestive health support and offer a natural way to keep your cat’s system running smoothly. What are Probiotics? The word probiotic is derived from the Latin “pro” – promoting and “biotic”, meaning life. If the name alone makes you think that the person who first classified these microorganisms was blown away by […]

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