Wessie and InClover Dental treats

InClover Smile Cat Dental Treats Review: We Tried Functional Cat Treats

Searching for a cat dental treat that actually works? InClover Smile cat dental treats are backed by science. I don’t recommend you skip brushing your cat’s teeth and rely on treats to keep your cat’s teeth clean. Your cat’s dental health is essential to their overall health, and it’s a good idea to learn how […]

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allergy medicine for cats

Allergy Medicine for Cats: What Can I Give My Cat for Allergies?

Are there medications for allergic cats? Just like people, cats can suffer from allergies. And like humans, felines may benefit from medications as part of an allergy treatment plan. Remember, however, that allergy medicine for cats isn’t complete treatment for your cat’s allergies. Real relief comes from a multifaceted approach that’s customized for your cat’s […]

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Affordable Pet Test Review: We Tried a Pet Intolerance Test

Are you struggling to solve your cat’s skin and digestive issues? Try the Affordable Pet Test. Is your cat intolerant? “Oh yeah, he’s always cracking racist jokes, making narrow-minded comments —” No, no, we’re talking about food and environmental intolerances. We can discuss your cat’s personal intolerances another time. Let me rephrase the question. Does […]

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cat panting in carrier

Cat Panting – Is it Normal for Cats to Pant?

It’s a hot day in late July. Your cat is happily trotting ahead of you on the boardwalk, their tail pointed straight up at the sky. It’s a perfect moment, so you run ahead to get a snapshot for Instagram. Once you get in front of your cat, you realize that they’re doing something unusual […]

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cannabis for cats with cancer

Cannabis for Cats With Cancer – Can Cannabis Help?

When anyone in your family is diagnosed with cancer, the first question that comes to mind is often about what can be done. The same is true when the family member is your beloved cat. With veterinary care that’s better than ever, more owners are choosing to treat their cat’s cancer. Even better, more and […]

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cat snake bite

Adventurecat First Aid Guide: How to Treat a Cat Snake Bite

How do I know if my cat was bitten by a snake? If you’re adventuring alongside your cat and they’re bitten by a snake, you’ll know it. But if your cat was alone when they were bitten by a snake, it might be less obvious. Cats’ bodies react differently to snake bites than do dogs […]

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cbd for cats

CBD for Cats: An In-Depth Look at Cannabis and Hemp for Cats

As CBD for cats becomes increasingly popular, it’s important that we understand what we’re dealing with. While at the SuperZoo trade show in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, I was impressed by the number of people selling CBD for cats and other pets. On almost every aisle was a company selling CBD products for […]

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What Is Feline Acne? Feline Acne Home Remedy

Is your cat’s chin covered in black specks or oozing pimples? You might be looking at feline acne.  While writing a review of CleanHealthy Bowls last week, I got to thinking about acne. Cat acne. Why would a disposable pet food bowl make me think of feline acne? Well, when cats have an acne problem, […]

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best cat toothbrush

Best Cat Toothbrush – Your Guide to Choosing the Best Cat Toothbrush in 2018

What’s the best cat toothbrush? It’s encouraging to see the number of cat toothbrushes on the market – it’s evidence that people are taking the time out of their day to clean their cats’ teeth. Remember that just a few decades ago, people were more inclined to feed their cat dry kibble than brush their […]

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best cat toothpaste

Best Cat Toothpaste – Choose the Right Toothpaste for Your Cat!

The best cat toothpaste has a cat-friendly meat flavor, contains enzymes to consume bacteria, and is free from ingredients that could hurt your cat. To write this article, I’ve researched the ingredients commonly found in cat toothpaste, identified which ones hurt and which ones help, and picked out the top four cat toothpaste products that […]

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