Eazee Cat Deshedding Tool

Eazee Cat Deshedding Tool Review: We Tried “The Better Deshedder”

If you’re worried that metal cat deshedding tools will hurt your cat, the Eazee deshedding tool could be an effective alternative. The Eazee deshedder is an effective, safe tool for cats with thick, heavy undercoats who need a brush with oomph to help them stay cool and shed less. The Eazee deshedding tool was created by Eddy […]

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Which Cat Brush Is The Best? Best Cat Grooming Brushes

June is here, and so is the cat hair. A lot of cat hair. It’s full-on shedding season, and cat hair is everywhere. It’s floating in the air, drifting across the floor, and landing in your food. Maybe people joke that “food tastes better with cat hair in it”, but seriously – do you REALLY […]

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