meowijuana organic natural catnip purrple passion buds

Meowijuana Purrple Passion Organic Catnip Buds


Grown in the USA!

Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip Buds are harvested during the plants’ peak oil production, meaning your furry friends are getting a next-level catnip experience! Each jar of Purrple Passion contains only the finest organic catnip buds.

  • 100% organic, pesticide-free
  • USA sourced
  • Reduces stress and encourages playful behavior
  • High-potency catnip harvested at the peak of essential oil production
  • This unique catnip makes an unforgettable gift!

Product Description

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These super-potent buds give your catnip-sensitive cat an incredible high for a few minutes and will lose some of their effect after each use. After that, your cat will need to cool down and reset for at least an hour or two before reacting to the ‘nip again.

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