meowijuana grand daddy purr cigar box

Meowijuana Grand Daddy Purr – Cigar Box


Grown in the USA!


For the most dedicated catnip connoisseurs out there, consider the Meowijuana Grand Daddy Purr Cigar Box! These humidity-regulated premium cigar boxes are filled to the brim with Meowijuana’s finest 100% Organic Grand Daddy Purr Catnip Buds, which are hand trimmed from the feline-est and most fragrant Catnip blossoms. This is a premium catnip for the feline who knows quality. A great gift idea for the classy cat in your life!

  • 100% organic natural catnip
  • Plucked from some of the finest catnip blossoms
  • Hand-selected at the peak of essential oil production
  • Includes a humidor button to ensure that these premium buds stay fresh for up to a year
  • An unforgettable gift idea!

Product Description

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Grand Daddy Purr catnip will give your catnip-sensitive cat an incredible high for a few minutes and will lose some of its effect after each use. After that, your cat will need to cool down and reset for at least an hour or two before reacting to the ‘nip again. The included humidor button will keep the buds fresh and aromatic for up to one year.


Additional Information

Shipping and Handling

Free shipping. 7-10 days from order to delivery. Ships via USPS.

Cigar Box Size

6 x 4 x 2 inches


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