Affordable Pet Test Review: We Tried a Pet Intolerance Test

Are you struggling to solve your cat’s skin and digestive issues? Try the Affordable Pet Test. Is your cat intolerant? “Oh yeah, he’s always cracking racist jokes, making narrow-minded comments —” No, no, we’re talking about food and environmental intolerances. We can discuss your cat’s personal intolerances another time. Let me rephrase the question. Does […]

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sWheat Scoop Cat Litter Review

sWheat Scoop Premium+ Cat Litter Review: We Tried Wheat Cat Litter

sWheat Scoop Premium+ Natural Clumping Wheat Cat Litter Review When we had the opportunity to try out a bag of sWheat Scoop as part of the Chewy Influencer program, I was excited to try out this new variety of environmentally-friendly biodegradable litter. This would be our first time using wheat cat litter, and sWheat Scoop […]

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cat panting in carrier

Cat Panting – Is it Normal for Cats to Pant?

It’s a hot day in late July. Your cat is happily trotting ahead of you on the boardwalk, their tail pointed straight up at the sky. It’s a perfect moment, so you run ahead to get a snapshot for Instagram. Once you get in front of your cat, you realize that they’re doing something unusual […]

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Hands On Grooming Gloves Review

HandsOn Gloves for Cats Review: We Tried Grooming Gloves for Cats

Sure, cats groom themselves – but that doesn’t mean humans can’t help out. In a controlled indoor environment with balanced temperatures and artificial lighting, the normal shedding seasons are less pronounced, allowing cats to lightly shed all-year-round. All this loose hair has only two places to go – around the house or inside your cat’s […]

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cannabis for cats with cancer

Cannabis for Cats With Cancer – Can Cannabis Help?

When anyone in your family is diagnosed with cancer, the first question that comes to mind is often about what can be done. The same is true when the family member is your beloved cat. With veterinary care that’s better than ever, more owners are choosing to treat their cat’s cancer. Even better, more and […]

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cat snake bite

Adventurecat First Aid Guide: How to Treat a Cat Snake Bite

How do I know if my cat was bitten by a snake? If you’re adventuring alongside your cat and they’re bitten by a snake, you’ll know it. But if your cat was alone when they were bitten by a snake, it might be less obvious. Cats’ bodies react differently to snake bites than do dogs […]

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cbd for cats

CBD for Cats: An In-Depth Look at Cannabis and Hemp for Cats

As CBD for cats becomes increasingly popular, it’s important that we understand what we’re dealing with. While at the SuperZoo trade show in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, I was impressed by the number of people selling CBD for cats and other pets. On almost every aisle was a company selling CBD products for […]

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Tidy Cats Direct Disposable Litter Box Review: We Tried a Cardboard Litter Box

Tired of scrubbing out the litter box? The Tidy Cats Direct Disposable Litter Box may be for you. June was a fun month at Wildernesscat. We attended our first SuperZoo – SuperZoo is North America’s biggest trade show for pet retailers. This means we got to meet a lot of interesting people and innovators in […]

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Skout's Honor

SuperZoo 2018: Observations and Trends From the Show Floor

This year’s SuperZoo trade show took place on June 25th-28th in Las Vegas, Nevada. On the 24th of June, we packed up our bags, hugged Wessie and Forest goodbye, and left the meowntains of Northwestern Montana for Las Vegas, Nevada – we were ready to attend SuperZoo for the first time. After about a year of […]

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The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth Review: We Tried Bone Broth for Cats

The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth may be the nourishing way to add moisture to your cat’s diet – no time-consuming preparation required. Before we jump into our review of The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth, let’s talk about what bone broth is and what makes it special. Don’t confuse bone broth with traditional broths found at […]

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