10 Fun Fall Activities You Can Do With Your Cat

Fall is a special season best spent with good pals. Fall is my favorite season. It’s not too hot for long walks, and the ground isn’t covered in snow yet—usually. Fall is a time of harvest, reflection, and gathering for a long winter ahead. It has become synonymous with cozy blankets, spicy drinks, fiery-colored leaves, […]

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home euthanasia

Cat Home Euthanasia: Exploring Your Options

As I write this article, I look over at Wessie, curled up on the bed, sleeping, snoring a little, letting out a sigh, twitching as he dreams. What would I do if—no, it has to be when—he reaches the end of his life? I first learned about home euthanasia from Caitlin Doughty, a writer, mortician, […]

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15 Minutes with a Veterinary Nutritionist: Your Questions Answered

When we were given the opportunity to interview Dr. Justin Shmalberg, board-certified veterinary nutritionist and Chief Nutrition Officer at NomNomNow, we knew it was the perfect chance to turn the mic to the pawesome people who follow us. That means you. *waves* We love the questions we received from our Instagram followers and email newsletter […]

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Skout's Honor

SuperZoo 2018: Observations and Trends From the Show Floor

This year’s SuperZoo trade show took place on June 25th-28th in Las Vegas, Nevada. On the 24th of June, we packed up our bags, hugged Wessie and Forest goodbye, and left the meowntains of Northwestern Montana for Las Vegas, Nevada – we were ready to attend SuperZoo for the first time. After about a year of […]

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The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth Review: We Tried Bone Broth for Cats

The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth may be the nourishing way to add moisture to your cat’s diet – no time-consuming preparation required. Before we jump into our review of The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth, let’s talk about what bone broth is and what makes it special. Don’t confuse bone broth with traditional broths found at […]

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Which Cat Brush Is The Best? Best Cat Grooming Brushes

June is here, and so is the cat hair. A lot of cat hair. It’s full-on shedding season, and cat hair is everywhere. It’s floating in the air, drifting across the floor, and landing in your food. Maybe people joke that “food tastes better with cat hair in it”, but seriously – do you REALLY […]

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CleanHealthy Bowls Review: We Tried Disposable Food Bowls

CleanHealthy Bowls- the disposable cat food bowl destined to change mealtime? When I was first introduced to CleanHealthy Bowls, I was excited about the possibilities of a disposable/compostable pet food bowl. The bowls promised a sanitary feeding experience for your cats and more convenience for you. I got a pack of 24 in the mail and immediately […]

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Wessie NomNomNow with Logo

NomNomNow Cat Food Review: We Tried NomNomNow Fresh Cat Food Delivery

NomNom-Meow! NomNomNow is finally making cat food part of their lineup of fresh delivery foods.  When Kevin Campbell, marketing manager at NomNomNow, reached out to us asking if we’d be interested in trying a sample of their brand-new cat food line, we were excited to learn more and see what they had to offer. NomNomNow promises a protein-dense […]

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cat friendly home

Guest Post: Tips for Keeping a Cat-Friendly Home Clean and Odor-Free

Being a cat owner is certainly one of the best things in the world, especially if you adore these gracious animals that can bring joy to anyone’s life. However, a lot of pet owners will agree that their furry friends can make their home quite messy, but you don’t have to worry at all because […]

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How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing Outside the Litter Box

How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing Outside the Litter Box Ew. Cat pee. It’s strong smelling, long lasting, and shouldn’t be an inextricable part of your carpet or cashmere sweater. If your cat has shunned their designated litter box either full or part-time, you might be panicking. No one wants to be known as […]

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