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NomNomNow Cat Food Review: We Tried NomNomNow Fresh Cat Food Delivery

NomNom-Meow! NomNomNow is finally making cat food part of their lineup of fresh delivery foods.  When Kevin Campbell, marketing manager at NomNomNow, reached out to us asking if we’d be interested in trying a sample of their brand-new cat food line, we were excited to learn more and see what they had to offer. NomNomNow promises a protein-dense […]

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cat friendly home

Guest Post: Tips for Keeping a Cat-Friendly Home Clean and Odor-Free

Being a cat owner is certainly one of the best things in the world, especially if you adore these gracious animals that can bring joy to anyone’s life. However, a lot of pet owners will agree that their furry friends can make their home quite messy, but you don’t have to worry at all because […]

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How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing Outside the Litter Box

How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing Outside the Litter Box Ew. Cat pee. It’s strong smelling, long lasting, and shouldn’t be an inextricable part of your carpet or cashmere sweater. If your cat has shunned their designated litter box either full or part-time, you might be panicking. No one wants to be known as […]

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How to Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

How to Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash The average cat loves roaming around and exploring their surroundings, and staying indoors at all times sometimes goes against their naturally adventurous spirit. Not only is giving them an occasional walk a fun thing to do, but it can actually be quite good for their […]

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How to Take a Selfie With Your Cat – 12 Tips for a Pawesome Selfie

How to Take a Selfie With Your Cat – 12 Tips for a Pawesome Selfie We’re usually behind the camera taking pictures of our cats (and there can never be too many), but sometimes you want to show that you were there, too! Taking a selfie with your cat might prove to be a little more […]

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CatSpot Litter Review

The next step in litter evolution? Meet CatSpot coconut cat litter. That’s right- coconut, known for its multitudinous health benefits and uses, also has a superpower hiding in its husk. The absorbent power of a thousand and fifteen nano-sponges. I was flipping through the new products section of Pet Product News International when I spotted CatSpot litter. […]

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Messy Cats Litter Scoop Review

New to the litter box: the Messy Cats Litter Scoop. For the past week, we’ve had the opportunity to try out the Messy Cats Litter Scoop, which was introduced to cat lovers in mid-2017. Messy Cats claims that the scoop will “Clean up after your cat, in even the toughest of corners.” We had to […]

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Wood Pellet Cat Litter Review

Just because something isn’t labeled “cat litter” doesn’t mean it isn’t. As cat guardians, we’re happy commercially produced cat litter was invented- the wide range of options available to us is awesome. Litter manufacturers are continually innovating and improving their products. New litters claiming more effective odor control, a lighter formula, and eco-friendly sourcing are […]

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cats drinking from puddle

Is it Safe for My Cat to Drink From Puddles and Streams?

Your cat needs to stay hydrated on the trail. But could “trail water” make them sick? Cats are very sensitive and don’t like the chemicals and soap flavors that might appear in their water bowl. Still water in a dish can seem stagnant to your cat, making them more attracted to running water in a […]

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Is Clumping Clay Cat Litter Bad for Kittens?

Kittens are like human babies – these newcomers to the world are perpetual explorers. They use all of their senses to build a catalog of this new world and don’t hesitate to use their mouths as tools in this discovery process. Not yet able to elegantly differentiate between what does and doesn’t belong in their […]

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