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6 Simple Ways to Make Your Cat Happier – Infographic

Looking to make your cat happier in 2017? Here are 6 ways to naturally improve your cat’s life.

Start with diet.

Diet lies at the foundation of the Wildernesscat lifestyle. Cats are obligate carnivores and tend to be at their best – and happiest – when eating a meat diet. We recommend trying out a biologically correct raw diet. Cats who go raw tend to have healthier teeth, fur, skin, and it’s great for weight control.

Go Outside

Cats love being outside in the fresh air, sharpening their claws on bark, running through the grass, and chasing butterflies. If that sounds idyllic – that’s because it is. Letting your cat enjoy the outdoors doesn’t have to be scary. Invest in a harness and leash and go for an adventure alongside your cat.

Try Natural Care

If your cat is afflicted with minor issues like fleas, ticks, and internal parasites, opt out of using harsh chemical treatments. These treatments are associated with serious side effects. Instead, diatomaceous earth is a 100% natural alternative that is highly effective. There are tons of other gentle, safe home remedies out there for other everyday afflictions.

Don’t Forget to Brush

Your cat’s fur! While your cat likely brushes themselves a lot with their own tongue, that means that they’re ingesting fur. This can lead to hairballs and consequent discomfort. For a bonding moment that will make your cat happy, brush your cat’s fur.

And teeth, too!

Brush your cat’s teeth with a natural toothpaste for your cat. Periodontal disease is a huge issue for cats because their hygiene is so often neglected. Regular brushing can keep your cat’s mouth healthy and fresh. Also, raw meat and bones can help keep your cat’s teeth clean. A healthy mouth will go a long way to make your cat happier – especially in the long-term.

Spend Time Together

You’ve probably already got this one down, but it’s a big one. Spend time with your cat! Notice how they’re feeling and pay attention to their needs. A snuggle and a scratch make your cat happier. It will make your life better, too.

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